How do you stack up against Freud?

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Via the Anatomy of Smoking a Cigar article posted by @El Presidente, read the article on Freud that was referenced (

So Freud smoked from age 24 to 83. The article says he smoked 20 cigars a day (didn't specify at what age he started smoking 20 a day, but we'll assume it was over the entirety of his cigar smoking life for easy math).

That's a total of 445,300 cigars over his lifetime!

At age 67, 43 years after starting smoking, he discovered he had oral cancer. That's after (assuming the above) smoking 313,900 cigars.

After his diagnosis, Freud smoked another 126,300 cigar and lived another 16 years!

To catch Freud's cancer threshold of 319,000 by the time I was 84, I'd have to smoke 18.6 cigars per day.

A cool 16 cigars a day (1 for every waking hour) would leave me 50,000 cigars shy of cancer. 

How do you stack up?


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