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  1. I have a csw but haven’t started in with wines and cigars. Will be interested to see the pairing recommendations!
  2. Love & Mercy was an interesting depiction of their story. I'm really only familiar with the two songs from this album that make it onto soundtracks or mainstream "oldies" radio, but I think understanding where the music was coming from added a level of appreciation. But I still only like two songs on the album! 4/10!
  3. I’m a big fan of the “spots” as well, only recently saw the blue locally, and haven’t yet tried it
  4. I think they need to pick their battles. Currently going after e-cigarettes, flavored cigars, and now nicotine levels. That may be too wide an approach. Looks like law has to be proposed by May 23. Then a year or so of talks. The timing is interesting, because that puts us mid 2024. 2024 is a presidential election year. It's also ironically not too far off from when Cuban tobacco supply levels may normalize! Or maybe not if everyone starts running to offshore options!
  5. Vac sealer is a fun toy. Used one a lot in my restaurant. If you spring for one, go for a sous vide machine as well so you can put it to further use.
  6. I’ve bought the dip in the market twice now and still losing! I’ll try my hand again at timing more buys! 🥸
  7. I can hear my dad cackling away watching this movie. 8/10. Blazing Saddles sets the bar for Mel Brooks comedies in my opinion.
  8. Ended up grabbing two buckets, between temp and humidity change outside, and the damprid, humidity has gone from mid to high 70s, down to 50. Thanks for the tip. Temp dropped 10 degrees over 4 days. Went from 95 outside to 75 with lower humidity. I fixed the AC unit but didn't run the air for 2 days to try to smooth the drop back to normal basement temps. I have a govee in all containers, and I put one outside of the containers to watch temp and humidity of the basement. Everything has leveled out over a few days and I'll keep an eye as time passes. Thanks for the tips!
  9. A cabin I stayed in used that. If the company coming tomorrow to fix the ac doesn’t have the part I need, that may be my next step. 2am here so looking for non store options. Not sure how long cigars exposed to 75+% rh will survive
  10. I’ve been without a/c for 5 days. Been in the mid 90s with heat index 105+. Low tonight is 75 currently feels like 88 and humidity outside is 88. I store my cigars in the basement, in a winedor and tupperdors. I have a thermo:hygrometer sitting out in the basement because it started to feel sticky down there, it’s reading 74 degrees and 76% rh. My humidors are worse. Nothing has been opened, sealed with Boveda and some humi care beads that were maintaining good levels. I read when the room gets too saturated it can overtake the humidor. I’ve taken the lids off the tupperdors and opened the door to the winedor, I have a box fan blowing over the tupperdors and into the winedor, and I’ve taken any humidification devices out. Not sure what my best move is since the entire basement is way too humid. Looking for suggestions on how to reduce humidity quickly, in a macguyver way because I don’t have a dehumidifier and I can’t open the windows for better circulation. Any ideas are appreciated!
  11. I like to play but am no good. But I'm a yes for a competition of any sort so if there's an FOH tournament or games I'd play!
  12. You mentioned it in your post, but as someone learning the profiles of the different marcas/Vitolas… I’d prefer 2 of 20 cigars vs 1 of 40 different cigars. Once to try, twice to understand. If your one offs are special cigars I’d agree with some of the other guys and hold those to enjoy together so you could potentially point some things out about them. Super nice gesture too. Maybe throw a Govee in there so you can monitor them😂
  13. I'm about a year into the market. Had a small business before and that's where my money went. Actually escaped that well even with covid. Can't say the same for my small portfolio. Played into some riskier stocks to start, I'm down 20%. Started to set aside a biweekly amount to put into index funds, and that's down over 10%. I'm half tempted to move from index to shorter term riskier plays if everything is this volatile. That or follow @HarveyBoulevard's method and just keep stocking away at the index funds through good and bad.
  14. Enter Sandman has been on my workout playlist for 24 years which cements that specific album in my memory for childhood. I agree with @Cigar Surgeon on how it brought Metal to the masses, because it was definitely my window into it. I was born around the time Metallica released their first album, so this album was my first exposure. But they just have so many "power ballads" that I'm not looking for if I listen to metal (which isn't often). I'd go Bryan Adams if I'm looking for ballads! Enter Sandman 10/10 Album 4/10
  15. I see a decent amount of aging talk on foh as well… this opinion would really throw all that for a loop! It seems like a reasonable possibility. I need to do some more research. Maybe we can get bill nye to weigh in. If the above theory holds. I couldn’t see a reason to be holding a large amount at any given time as you’re holding/maintaining a diminishing asset.

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