What are the chances a funnel-web spider will hitch a ride on my next order?

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If I pay extra, can I be guaranteed one?

? I'm definitely demented and have a sick sense of humor, and every time I get a glorious package I'm always thinking "hmmm I hope one of the 10,000 things in Australia that can kill me didn't make its way in to this box!"  

Please tell me at least someone out there has thought the same.  

PS - more little cohibas sitting in the tuppidor slowly sucking in that sweet, sweet humidity.  

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4 minutes ago, BeerPimp said:

When I worked at a grocery store in high school we got a shipment of grapes from Chile that had several black widows in them.  Kinda scary.

A few years back I brought home some grapes that had one. A little surprising when I reached in the bowl I'd put them in.....

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7 minutes ago, El Presidente said:

No chance of a funnel web. 

......red back spider on the other hand.....not out of the question :lookaround:

and for our offshore friends, a redback is basically our version of a black widow. 

funnel web very unlikely 

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Yep. Funnel Web spiders don't travel much. Redbacks, on the other hand, love to travel. Osaka had an infestation of them back in the mid 90s. I think it is still a problem over there.

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I've been overrun with brown widow spiders since hurricane Harvey.

You can come grab all you want. 

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28 minutes ago, gcman68 said:

Thanks, never thought of that. Now the whole box unopened goes in the freezer! 

There's ice spiders, so be careful...

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Lol. I always open my packages carefully. 

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