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I really like Angel Envy as it’s one of the sweeter bourbons I’ve tried. Unfortunately it’s impossible to get here in Europe. I know we have a large bourbon fan club here on FOH so wondered who could recommend something similarly sweet that I might more readily find. Tried Blanton’s, 4 Roses single batch and Maker’s Mark but none quite match the sweetness of the A.E.  Any suggestions please?

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I would look for Knob Creek 120 which might be easier to find it is sweet and packs a punch! 

Also any of these...

Colonel EH Taylor (all)

Evan Williams Single Barrel

 Olds Ezra 7 Year Barrel Stength

Knob Creek (everything except their "flavored" shit like Maple)

Michter's (most)

Willett (everything in their main name brand)

Noah's Mill

Rowan's Creek

Old Forrester (all)

Pikesville Rye

Russell's (everything)

Four Roses (ONLY the high end special bottlings with the 4 digit codes)

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Your liking the sweetness from port barrel finish. Look for Abraham Bowman port finish. Wheated whiskey tends to be sweeter as well.

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