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  1. Have half a box left and they just keep getting better. Have a clean tangy citrus element to them combined with a rich spicy tobacco note, very unusual in my experience but bloody fantastic.
  2. Yes a superb drop indeed. The standard 12 I also love and at 50% cheaper its well worth it.
  3. at £25 a bottle in Sainsburys now. True bargain.
  4. Jameson Black Barrel. Sweet, smooth, creamy with a vanilla and toffee aftertaste. Works superbly.
  5. I moved a few years ago from central Europe to London and asked the same question. Separated the cigars from the humidor, ziplock bag and bubble wrapped each box and then in large seal able plastic boxes. Worked perfectly and no need for vacuum sealing. https://www.fohcigars.com/forum/topic/129844-packing-cigars-when-moving-house/#comment-750008
  6. First time in Asia in 3 years. Here by the river in Bangkok. Good food, good company, super CoRo from 2014. New prices mean this may be a less frequent pleasure.
  7. Outside of your own property get stopped in the UK carrying any of these and you are in deep shit indeed.
  8. Interesting fact, the gun used was the real service revolver from the policeman who acted as technical advisor on the film. Went on to be a famous producer too I believe.
  9. Oh no! Simply best bowler ever. RIP
  10. More or less US$10 per gallon here in the UK right now.
  11. My understanding (and I'm certainly no financial expert) is that the actions taken by the US on effectively stopping all dollar clearance transactions by the 2 biggest Russian banks is significantly more powerful and disruptive. SWIFT (as I understand it in my layman's terms) is a more a notification system rather than the actual method of transaction. It's similar to the email you receive from amazon saying your goods are on their way, its not the actual mechanism for physically delivering you them.

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