No milkshake for you!

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Apolitical thread I swear.

So there's going to be a Brexit Rally and the police asked the local Mickydees to not serve milkshakes prior to the event because they don't want protesters dousing Nigel Farage with those shamefully decadent ice cream treats.  

Should they have done this?  Is it a politically wise move?

I think not.  First, douse me with McDonald's milkshake any day of the week- as a matter of celebration or protest.  Seriously.  It's a well documented fact that 50% of the obesity problem in the US is directly attributable to McDonald's milkshakes.  Second, milkshake would be very visible.  Good for become a symbolic martyr to the cause and firing up the 'ol base.  Finally, you take away the option of throwing a milk shake what's left?  Piss- that's what.  Bad move.  

And since Brexit was brought up not too long ago and I'm keeping it going- the question of whether Brexit will ever actually happen would make for a good 50/50 I think.  And if you're a betting man (or lady) then there are some online OTB-type sites where you can place a wager on when it'll happen (along with whether Danerys or Jon Snow will end up ruling the seven kingdoms).

Have a great weekend!

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I few thoughts on Brexit.  

I voted to remain, but through gritted teeth I do believe i democracy.  That said I feel utterly depressed that as a people, as a world, we no longer care if our political parties campaign in a wholly illegal fashion. 

Before Edward Bernays,  Politicians used to stand for something, and hope people would vote for it.     Now, it's profiling peoples online usage, and effectively pickpocketing their vote.    Utter scumbags,  all of them


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Time to switch to gazpacho.  There must be a place serving cold soup to go around London.   

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