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  1. I hate to be a downer, but you ain't seen nothing yet. Harvest in the North is still 3 to 4 month away, and, with the severe fertilizer shortages this season, I fully expect food prices to sky rocket in Autumn. Ducks are still about $4 per pound where I am, and I love aged confit and pates. So I just may be making & stocking up on those this month.
  2. Well it made it to the news, unless there was another bloke with a dodgy memory that also bought a cask in 1988 and forgot about it. Final sale price was $1,295,459.68
  3. I worked with a guy in a restaurant that we called Seagull. He was always swooping in and trying what we were cooking.
  4. My wife was working with a steak house in north NJ that dry ages all of their own meat. They gave us a 60 day tomahawk steak to take home. It was great.
  5. No oyster bed, but we do grow our own blackberries. Grocery store prices are just outrageous, however harvesting them is tedious, so .... Typically I get way too much to use before they go bad, so I am forced to make blackberry wine with the leftovers. What a travesty. Funny thing about Escargot though, it is not really that expensive to make at home so long as you are fine with using canned snails. Garden snails are free, but require purging for a few days, and if you have kids, get them to find them. What kid does not want to play in the dirt looking for snails, plus, no park ranger is going to arrest your kid for "playing with snails." That would just be government over reach. But speaking of earthly pleasures, you should try my thanksgiving day turkey. I render fat out of scrap pieces of foie gras, mix it with clarified butter plus all of the herbs, and pipe it in under the skin once it stiffens back up. Throw in my gravy, that takes two days to make, and it is award winning.
  6. I have to go with Chubby's. Steaks are great, plus they have a full bar and less then a block walk from my house.
  7. Always got to respect a man with this much faith in humanity.
  8. Add that to harvested snails from your garden and you can include escargot to the list too.
  9. Cheesesteak wit, extra whizz, and no, neither Pats nor Ginos is worth it. I'd go with Pats if forced though; they have better meat.
  10. I feel the same way about mob bosses. After all it's not them pulling the trigger or committing the crime, they just collect a fair percentage for the pizzo they provide. Can we really blame them for how the money was made? Some may argue yes, including the federal government, but that just goes to show how righteous they actually are.
  11. Probably is some form of Penicillium Nalgiovense. You cant prevent mold from growing on cure meats, so typically they inoculated with good mold that are also killer strains. Or at least that is what I hope otherwise I have a problem.
  12. Nicaraguan that is not too strong and rolled well, like Padron, and Dominican. Weirdest is St James Perique. It is a pipe tobacco with incredibly intense fruit flavors. It's good, but not anything you would expect from tobacco.
  13. I think saying a 2001 dot com burst is a little too kind. I think we will be in recession by the end of the year, and I think it is going to rival the 2008 crisis.

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