Trinidad Coloniale BMF Mar 17 (SSTRW)

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Gents and ladies,

The Coloniale is not my preferred golf cigar but this one proved to be a real treat.  Started off mild with a perfectly clean burn line, toasted tobacco flavors dominating the palate with a hint of straw and a pleasant sweetness.  The cigar progressed nicely into the second third with the sweetness and a distinct but complimentary saltiness began to take over as the predominant flavor.  The golf was much in the background--one of those days where you do pretty much everything right but still don't shoot lights out, you know the kind, kit almost every fairway and green and then two-put with the odd bogey tossed in, but nothing too adventurous--allowed me to concentrate fully on the cigar rather than the 245 yard high draw over the trees that has to land soft to give you a prayer at eaking out your buddy on the front 9 Nassau, which is my usual game.  The final third of the cigar was a symphony of good old fashioned CC flavors, with the saltiness lingering on my tongue for about 10 minutes after the final puff.  One of the best cigars I've had this year.  Time permitting, I'll review a Fundy later this weekend, but other than that stick, which I always enjoy, I don't see any contenders to blow this one out of the water.  Too bad I only have 12 left out of the box, which appears to be hitting its stride early.  Cheers.  772696488_Colon1.thumb.jpg.0705b0db1fa76ee0b923730d5a2604ae.jpg994793228_Colon2.thumb.jpg.15a9afc1b6a1bc4c68b761da32f469b5.jpg1339992296_colon3.thumb.jpg.266e4ea53e1381044f4ceb198c069720.jpg

colon 1.pdf

colon 2.pdf

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