Mold on this CoRo?

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Have you seen this white stuff before on a cigar. Only appears on the veins of the wrapper. It's the only one in the box looking like this. And there is no mold in any of the other boxes in this humidor. It's a Cohiba Robusto box code PBS JUL 07.

Rally bad taste one first draws but sttleling down a little bit now. Could be to heating it up to much when lighting. Hard to see the flame on the torch outside in the sun.



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1 hour ago, CaptainQuintero said:

Did/does it go into the foot? If it's just that line then nothing to worry about just brush off before lighting

Looks like it was lit before taking the picture. Check the foot of another from the same box. The one's that I have seen spread to the foot are usually quite infested. I'd say this one is safe. rub it off with your thumb, and try not to burn it. ?

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It had not spread to the foot as I remember it. It smoked fine actually. Not the best CoRo I’ve had but nevertheless. Brushed off fine but what really peaked my mind was that it only ran along the veins.

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