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  1. Beautiful for sure but I still prefer the plain old wooden boxes. They stack easier, probably cost a lot less and I only need one fancy pencil holder. I end up throwing them out anyway when empty. But I can understand for marketing and profit reasons why HSA choose to package their premium products this way. But personally I don't care for it. I wonder what is the extra cost, compared to it being packaged in a plain wooden box, when selling for the retail customer? 50-100 USD?
  2. My dad used to live in Santiago de Compostela for some years back around the turn of the century. I have so many great memories from the summer vacations I spent there helping him out with his work and at the same time travelling around Galicia. What a beautiful region of Spain. I must go back some day and at the same time visiting som Estancos. I’m gonna light up a cigar now and watch the video. Thanks for bringing it to my attention @Nino and at the same time bringing up some fantastic memories.
  3. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. Eid Mubarak, I was lookimg for your Eid greeting post yesterday after returning from Eid prayers at the mosque. But figured that it would show up later during the day as I'm in CET zone.
  4. With current inventory and the total consumption of last year, I have +13 years on hand. I pressed for humidor space but with current quality I keep getting tempted every now and then and manage to find space by emptying a box with a few cigars left. At the moment I’m debating with myself weather I should buy a couple of Raching cabinet humidors or investing in a couple of hundred ounces of silver.
  5. It sure is. The only thing that could improve the level of relaxing is if they would allow smoking again. Imagine that. Pure utopia 😂
  6. I was in IT for -10 years. First as a specialist later in lower level management. The majority of the time I hated the job with a passion. Tried a change of employer but that quickly proved that it was all the same again. Office environment, an endless supply of pointless meetings, stressed colleagues, constantly changing and implementing new frameworks. The list was endless. Getting the feeling you were about to snap a la Falling Down 😄 For 7 years now (wow time passes by quickly) I’ve been driving trains. I love the solitude of it and the a 100% defined work description. No working overtime. You can only drive 1 train at the time. Besides doing a job that provides a valuable service to society I can listen to audiobooks, lectures or cigar reviews while doing it. I finally got around to the big classics by authors like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Dumas, Cervantes, Thoreau ect ect
  7. Pure class!! What a stunning car. I love old MB's.
  8. Trinidad - Fundadores (ARS NOV 17) No wind today and surprisingly mild weather for the season. Perfect time time to sample the first cigar from this box.
  9. Innā li-llāhi wa-ʾinna ʾilayhi rājiʿūn. May Allah swt have mercy on him and grant a place in Jannah al firdaus. Assalâmu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh akhi.
  10. Montecristo - No. 2 (TEB MAR 08). @JohnS this one is from the same humidor containing the 2013 ERDM CS. Nothing wrong with this monty. So it must be the box of ERDM that is having an off period these last couple of years. Gotta leave them be the next couple of years and see how they turn out. Also looking forward to see how the rest of this box of Montecristos will develop years from now. I still have a little over half the box left. Bolivar - Coronas Junior (ETP MAR 16)
  11. ERDM - CS (TOU ABR 18). @JohnS Albeit at bit to young for my preference the flavour is much more pleasant than the one I smoked the other day from a box from 2013. This one is much closer to what I remember from smoking them in the past. This box however is in another humidor than the box from 2013. I’ll try to find another cigar to smoke tomorrow in that humidor with the 2013 box.
  12. I appreciate your input @JohnS, thx it’s stored in one of my smaller humidors, so not one i smoke from often. But i did recently smoke a H. Upmann Connoisseur No. 1 from 2011 smoke quite well as I seem to remember. I’ll try something else from that humidor hopefully during this weekend and see how it goes. Also I have a ERDM CS box from 2018 I believe. I should give that one a try as well for comparison. But yeah I hope the will turn around with time. Mental note to self is to let them rest for at least a year as you suggest. Probably leaning more towards 2 years. And oh would definitely buy another box but I’m running rally low on storage space at the moment I know if I set up another cooler I will fill it up in no time. It never ends.
  13. ERDM - Choix Supreme (RET MAR 13) For the last 2 years I've smoked 3-4 from this very same box and the have been tasting really awful. Before that they tasted really great and just like I remember them tasting from other boxes. Humidity and temperature have been more or less the same over the years so that can't be it. So was wondering if anybody else have experienced a sick period with this cigar at age 5-8 years in general or even with the specific box code if you have it? @JohnS might you have some input on this?
  14. I’ve just finished the same project. Had originally planned for 2 weeks but like yourself it took me 4 weeks.
  15. Picked a box of BHK 54s up from the local vendor yesterday.

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