NFL Draft is upon us!

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First sign of the nfl season is the draft which begins shortly. What do you hope your team will do?

Enjoying the pre-draft with ABO SEP 17 RYJ Wide Churchill PSP and it's my first one and wow a stunning cigar. The white stuff on the cigar is cigar glue from a small cut on the wrapper, held nicely thx to the glue.  Pairing it with some 2011 Port wine and after a lovely aranciata.  


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The Eagles desperately need talent at the cornerback position. That said, they will do what they usually do and draft a defensive lineman/pass rush specialist. Or they'll end up trading way down to stock up on mid/late round picks.  I think they are at 25, so trading down is the better option I think.

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I'm just glad the skins aren't in the running for Kyler Murray. I'm sure Snyder and company would jump at him if they could and that would be yet another in a long line of draft day mistakes for us. But I'm sure they will still find a way to muck it up tonight. 

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