Conan tries the AFL...​?​

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26 minutes ago, benfica_77 said:

Who calls a team the swans ....doesn't really impose fear 

The original nickname, when they were a south Melbourne team, was "the bloods" or "bloodstained angels" (due to their uniform, a red slash on a white jumper). In later years, the nickname "Swans" came about from a newspaper artist's suggestion, as a result of the large number of West Australian team members and also the club's location near Albert Park Lake.


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     *Accordingly, the ships the ancient Philistines were in when they invaded and conquered the Israelites were ships with swan billed heads. Didn't know this and very seemingly unlikely. But the article was accompanied by an artist's rendering showing these cute and seemingly harmless looking swan headed ships arriving at shore - and these angry, ugly, rough looking, sword-swinging, armor and helmet wearing dudes rushing out and killing all they saw... :surprised:

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