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I have been having the hardest time with these HDM EPI 1's.  The first I sample was at 30 days and it was a disaster.

This one lasted longer, but still petered out way too early.  I attributed the first one to over humidification during shipping. This one, I'm stumped.

This one started out better(at 60 days from receipt), but soon showed the same defects.  I've never seen this before.  Humidor is at a very consistent 66°fh and 61°rh. 


The binder opens like a flower or bloomin' onion.  There is a significant gap between the binder and filler.  The binder holds on far longer than the filler.  I have to puff at a very fast rate, which I would usually equate to over humdification, but I don't think that is the issue.  The stick never gets hot or mushy.

I love the flavor of this cigar, I think it is in my wheelhouse.  I just want to experience one past the 1/3 to halfway point.  I can't resuscitate over the half way point.  Pics attached.  I would love suggestions.  Thanks!




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Others will disagree with me I am sure but I have had way too many bad boxes of hoyo epicures, both 1, 2 and especial, to trust that line any further. Same issues you described at least 30 percent of the time for me. 

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I have a 25 box of Epicure Especials. Probably 3-4 years old from the box date. I have maybe 5 left. I will give those another year or so to see what happens.

Unbelievable flavor. Haven’t had a single cigar burn well. I understand CCs can be temperamental, but this box has taught me about every stereotypical problem one can have when smoking a cigar. Given the other amazing cigars out there, I may be done with hoyo 1, 2, and Especial.

Given the flavor profile, I’d buy them all if passable burn and construction. But not worth it IMO. On the other hand, could be a bad box. Or maybe they suffered for a season and we have the same factory and year. Tough to say. I will keep exploring.

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I haven't had anything that bad, but have noticed more construction issues with the Epi 1's I've smoked vs. Epi 2's. Past 60 days of rest I haven't had an unsmokeable Epi 2, though mild to moderate burn issues have been more or less a constant. So, despite liking the idea at least of the Corona Gorda format, I'd generally lean towards the 2. I feel that I more consistently get the  flavor experience I'm looking for in the 2 as well, I find that the 1's I've smoked have  had a tendency to get hot and bitter relatively early in the cigar, where again, past 60 days of rest, I haven't  had this issue until at least the last 3rd of the 2's. Haven't tried the especial so can't speak to it.

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