On the importance of capitalization, for Ken

Guest Nekhyludov

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yes, that one has been posted again.

and this has been discussed in the past. as someone who is perhaps not the most accomplished typist on the planet, for things like forums (i'm only really on this one and a redskins one) and casual emails, i find it easier and quicker. i mean no offence, and if it does offend anyone, well, lighten up. it might be a reaction to the old days working as a lawyer where everything had to be ever so carefully assessed and one had to be certain it was exactly as one meant it to be. 

hence, for anything else that needs a more formal approach, i assure that i become a stickler. punctuation, grammar, spelling etc. i am beyond pedantic. 

allow me this one small foible. 

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Guest Nekhyludov

I only meant it in good fun, Ken. My apologies if it's an old re-tread. I saw it for the first time today, and had a good chuckle and thought of you.

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