Announcing the January '19 FOHnies Winners!

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The FOHnies roll on! And for the first time, we have a member winning multiple categories! If you're unfamiliar with the FOHnies, what they're all about, go here. 

The January winners are below - congrats to all! (If you're a winner, remember to email Lisa via [email protected] with your details so she can dispatch your prize)

Thanks to all for another cracker month of content on the forum! :clap:


Loved where this went in terms of what's sacred, what's not, both sides of the coin... The Oxfords goes to @Shelby07




The short smoke - a great variation on the day-in, day-out cigar talk on the forum. The Boots go to @BellevilleMXZ




Loved the community idea and the result it got... dare I say, a shoo-in for this award. The uggs go to @mbflash80



Golden Flip-Flops.

A post about travel diarrhea?... It was always destined to win this award... the Golden Flips-Flops goes to @Shelby07



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