Why are so many Australians obsessed with American football? FINALLY, an answer I've been searching for since I've joined here...

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I've never understood why so many Australians loved American football. I enjoy certain sports, but rarely. I'd much rather enjoy by playing. That being said, I'm not a fan of American football, which probably is an underlying reason why I have had a hard time understanding why Australians love it so much. Isn't the average actual game play (ball in play) only something in between 10 and 20 minutes total?



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The time clock is a huge part of what makes it so strategic and critical. (a slight mistake at any given second can blow the entire game).

I'm not here to talk you into liking it. I'm American and I am not a big fan either, so I can't explain why foreigners pay attention to American sports other than "a sports fan is a sports fan"









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Physical contact. 

Chess with pads/pain. 

AFL, Rugby league, rugby union are our major sports and each is very physical. NFL is a natural fit if you can appreciate the stop start nature as necessary time for strategy.


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Blood sport.  If their were no plastic helmts there would be no real pain, aka broken this or that, crashing of two, three... men 250 lbs or more

and what a sound it makes!

if you have ever been on the sidelines when this happens very thrilling.  Aslo same reason people go and see NASCAR, the crashings!

Let's not kid ourselves human enjoy the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!  It is like what major Killgore said, "smells like victory"

refering to naplam being drop on the enemy.

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The more I get to know more people around the world I’m learning how they focus on many U.S. things. Movies, sports, politics etc.

Most times they know more that I do on the subjects.



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21 hours ago, HDGSN said:

College football is the best version of American football and is light years better than the terribly run NFL.

Amen to that! College football has a degree of atmosphere, entertainment, and history/tradition that the NFL cant replicate. It's special! 

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