A la carte review: Montecristo no. 2 (TEO FEB 18 PSP/HQ)

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27 minutes ago, cfc1016 said:

so you'll forgive me if I begin to wax poetic a bit [...] I think it deserves a bit of prose and nonsensical whimsy. You've been warned.

Your poetical whimsy is always welcome at my door, sir!

Really enjoyed the review, and it certainly felt I was witnessing this epic fandango in real time!

Bravo, and may your whimsy live long and true! :lol:

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6 hours ago, peteando said:

Nice review! This got me hungry for leibkuchen.  Great flavor discriptor.

Thanks! My dad spent the 70s in Munchen, and used to have a German Christmas party every year. Gluvine, cloved oranges all over the place, pfefferneusse - the whole 9. It's a very sentimental flavor for me - recalls a lot of pleasant childhood memories.

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