Who here has mastered the Tetris?!?!

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Wish I took a few photos of all my statue boxes, before I wrapped up the pallets. That was some serious tetris work to get over 80 boxes (ranging from large shoe box to bar fridge size) to fit onto 3 pallets measuring 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.2m.

As for my cigar boxes, I need to re-arrange my coolidor for the new boxes coming in. And probably get another small 30L tupperdor, for all my loose cigars.

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Definitely haven't mastered Tetris yet. Everytime I dig deep in my humidor, it seems like it takes forever to get everything back in. One good thing, makes aging cigars easier. Just put them on the bottom, in the back...makes them too much trouble to get to.

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When I put cigars in a humidor, that's what I do. I removed the partitions and put cigars of different formats so that there was no free space. A place where I can not put a cigar - filled with small packages Boveda. I know it's not customary to do this, but I suspect it makes cigars feel like in the dress box.

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