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The 2017 release status list dropped off the front page of CubanCigarWebsite with the new year, so I thought I'd do a bit of an audit of the stuff that was still outstanding and see if any of it had actually been released. If any of the below have been released in your region, can you please let me know, preferably with an approximate date? Proper quantities available at retail, not just a few singles handed out at a launch party.

Bolívar Silver Jubilee Edición Regional Asia Pacifico
La Gloria Cubana Britanicas Extra Edición Regional Gran Bretaña
La Gloria Cubana Invictos Edición Regional Italia
Punch Preferidos Edición 5ta Avenida

Partagás Capitols
Bolívar 115 Aniversario Humidor
El Rey del Mundo Réplica de Humidor Antiguo

And from 2016...

Cuaba 20 Aniversario Humidor

From 2015, although they were sort of "re-announced" in 2017 with the Partagas Capitols

Romeo y Julieta Club Kings

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There are some issues with the Boli Silver Jubilee. They should be released in the next few months. 


As for the rest, no idea. Alex, I don't believe anything until I see them on the order sheet.

I don't trust what is on the order sheet until it gets confirmed.

I don't trust what is confirmed until I see it in the warehouse.

That strategy manages the stress. :rolleyes:

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Anyone seen them Trinidad shorts, à la Cohiba Shorts style?  I want to try them!

Yup - they are out in Germany.

Smoked several and for me, the CoSho still rules.
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16 minutes ago, Corylax18 said:

Linked article from Cigar Aficionado regarding the long delayed release of the 2017 Lebanese RE. The El Rey del Mundo WIH 20. WIH stands for "Walk in Humidor" seriously.

I thought that one was different. This is the one that I thought it was:

"El Rey Del Mundo Imperio Replica Antique Humidor (Réplica de Humidor Antiguo) is one of the latest release of Habanos S.A in 2017. 
This special humidor contains 50 cigars (54 ring gauge x 180 mm length).
It is expected to be for sale around the world soon."

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