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We're already decorated for Christmas, so the Fall/Thanksgiving décor is put away.  Wifey and I will be doing Thanksgiving tomorrow, just the two of us.  First time ever without all the family, a

Turkey's ready! Pre-carve: Post-carve: On the plate! Very thankful.....work's done  

Oh the gluttony...  

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! On call today, so no holiday libations for me. We will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow with my kids and grandkids. Not much turkey love in our family, so I'm making low and slow short ribs, roasting a couple of stuffed boneless chickens. My son is doing all the veggies and desserts.
It's of noise, confusion and plenty of food. One HM Double Corona that's been waiting for this occasion for a couple of years (actually the last one in the box)!! Good food, good wine, good times plus a great cigar, life doesn't get any better than this!!

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On 22/11/2017 at 9:31 PM, Habana Mike said:

Thanks Rob. It is a special holiday focused on family, friends, food and gratefulness.

Of course we'll be having roast turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean, cranberry relish and gravy. All accompanied with a nice Alsatian Pinot Gris.

Followed by pie - have to see what the BIL shows up with.

Mom's here with us since the hurricane in Puerto Rico so especially thankful she, my sister and her husband came through safely.

Never know what I'll choose to smoke until the day though most likely start with a mature thinny and follow the meal with something robust, not necessarily a Robusto.

Will post pics.

That hurricane was brutal. I was there when it struck and was stuck on the island for over a month. My wife, daughter and mother in law have all relocated to Miami. Glad your mum is safe. Enjoy your day.

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Had the usual Turkey/ Ham Feast with all da trimmings, drinking some Arnold Palmers...... but I’m most thankful for desert:


• Miguel, July 2016 (2)

• Juanita, November 2016

• Hector, March 2017






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Viking win, peanut butter porter, two full plates of Turkey and some apple pie with the entire family...and a walk with the dog - it was a great day! Happy Thanksgiving all!

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On 11/23/2017 at 10:14 AM, topdiesel said:

This year Thanksgiving will be at my Cousin's ranch.  I will bring a handful of cigars for anyone who wants one.  I know at least 3 cigar smokers will be there, so I am thankful for that.

Well, I smoked the Churchill, Bro in Law smoked the Cohiba CE, and My Cousin smoked the Bolivar Tubo #2 (my favorite, TEB 08).  Sorry, no pics of the smoking (too good of a time and too many cocktails to waste taking pics), but pics of the initial spread.  Totally forgot to take pics of the turkey, ham, potatoes stuffing and pies...






    :hungry:   :drool:  :cigar:  Wow, I wish I had a friend like you!!!

     (** You can keep the food, I want the smokes! :wink2: ) LOL!


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A couple from the post Thanksgiving Turkey massacre. The 99 HdM du roi and an 01 Monte tubos. The Monte wins the duel. Both are quite interesting to smoke. 

The Roi is just simply aged tobacco. Light in flavor and rounded mouthfeel with just a hint of -clean wood I suppose, and a soft leather. One dimensional but what’s there builds with time. Enjoyable to try and pick out what age has done to the cigar. My mom liked the aroma of this cigar and said it wasn’t too strong.

The Monte was a delight. There is a creamy leather up front that lasted throughout. It was a bit tight on the draw, not more. Really nice cigar. Mom didn’t like the smell as much.

both paired with a Colombian coffee and ‘Superior’ cognac.



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I stopped abdicating any all responsibilities this year.  I wanted dark meat so I had to actually do something beyond drink, eat, watch football and drink.

So I smoked a bird.  Got the Kamado Joe lit a bit after 7.  Bird was on the grill around quarter too 8.  Smoked it with Cherry wood.  After 2 hours I pulled the bird and put it in a foil pan and then put 3 sticks of butter on it (was going to be 6 sticks but my mom took 3 sticks of butter from me).

After that my brother went downstairs and into the coolidor and grabbed 2 sticks, came upstairs and told me to fetch the BTUs (Mr Heater propane heater).  Monte Petit Edmundo is such a damn good cigar.  AN hour later we were eating, and I did a damn good job on my first turkey if I do say so myself.

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