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  1. Before I went down the CC road I smoked mostly higher end NC's. Illusione makes some great cigars would happily smoke those again. Padron, AF and Ashton were also favorites.
  2. Well the price at Duty Free Lebanon was 880 us. After tax and shipping they got here at 1200. My box is at a friends house and I probably wont pick it up soon. He also has a cab of the RE Baalbeck that I have not picked up. Are they worth the price...probably not. I can tell you that they will only go up in price and will cost more down the road.
  3. A friend was able to get 2x20ct boxes. Luckily I get one. Probably the most expensive per stick price I've paid after shipping and fees. He sent me this pic after he received them yesterday.
  4. At 1200 cabs I'm happy I have one. Competing with Hong Kong CEOs and Saudi Prince types I'd say we are lucky!
  5. As someone who puts a lot of miles (35-40k miles a year) on my rig, I am a solid believer in Toyota (Lexus). I have had several go 300K miles without any major malfunctions. Tires, brakes, filters and oil. You always get your money's worth and they are always at the top of the list for holding their value.
  6. If thats your ambient you are fine...leave it unplugged. Just keep rechaging the beads and buy more boxes! LOL. Is the drain plug still open? Sealing that might help a little too.
  7. I would just add more beads and Bovedas...The empty boxes wont help that much. Just keep recharging the beads until it comes up. The cigars are fine at 60-65rh so that shouldn't be concern. I would only worry if it drops below 58 or so. Are you running the the temp control and what is the ambient temp in the room?
  8. How full is your wineador? More beads or Bovedas would help. If your wineador is 50% or less full you will find it harder to hold RH IMO. Boxes and more beads and Bovedas act as a ballast to keep RH stable.
  9. Those are nice looking machines. Congrats! I am getting one from Santa this year. Luckily Santa (My Wife) and I are on a personal basis! He went with the Breville Barista Touch. I wanted one with a little more control than fully auto machines. This one has good reviews and I have 90 days to return if I dont like it. https://www.amazon.com/Breville-BES880BSS-Barista-Espresso-Stainless/dp/B078WMLXXG

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