Cornwall...the place to be...who would have thought it!

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One of the best place in the world, stunning place. There's quite a few cigar stores too, the one in Penzance being the best; great little couple who run it.

It's changed a lot over the years but it's still ready to find tiny untouched villages and beaches, row out a little and catch your dinner and cook it on the beach while drinking some cyder from the nearest farm etc

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i apparently have family that came from cornwall. my mother will be mortified at this.

and uncle festa, you are an aussie and you surf in england? have you no pride?

Absolutely. 5mm steamer and some booties. Too easy.

I actually recall one session in Croyde, which is in Devon, in late-winter, where I had almost paddled out the back, without having to duck dive and couldn't believe my luck. Next thing a big set came and I had to go under about four waves in a row. At the time I couldn't wear a wetsuit hood because I had massive dreadlocks, and after four duck dives I got the most severe ice cream headache and in fact a little lightheaded and woozy. So I had to go back in.

Surf was about 4-5 foot, totally glassy and pumping.

Sat by the fire with a Guinness and watched some mates tear it to pieces.

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I dont live in Cornwall but do live in the South West of England (Somerset..)  I concur on most of the points raised. Certainly our ginger cat Jinx gets a fair bit of money lavished on him. Water is really expensive and I do spend more than I can afford on cigars. Narcotics - I'm a responsible father now.


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