XI AMICIgar - 15-16-17-18 June, 2017 - Italy

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Brother n Sisters at FOH

it's the  time of the year when we start thinking where to travel ....

One place is AMALFICOAST, Italy from June 15th to June 18th where there will be the XI AMICIgar long weekend.

More info will come in coming weeks.

CU in June.

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Hi to all, just few photo's to share the great moments we had at last AMICIgar XI.

Aussie's brothers where missing.. 2018, 8-9-10 June we wait for you all in Lugano ( Switzerland) 

Many others are available in the web ( FB ).

Another blast :-)












XI AMICIgar reggisigaro.jpg

XI AMICIgar.jpg




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Brilliant Gino!....Brilliant! :clap:

I was speaking with Rob and Andy on Tuesday. They made mention of the wonderful time and that you and the lads went above and beyond in the organisation and fun factor.  Kudos! :clap:

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Looks like an awesome time Gino! Hope to join you in Italy with my blue polo on one of these times soon!

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