Upper Endoscopy

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I've had about a dozen... both ends at the same time every two years max since 1999.

The prep experience is something you would not believe your body could deliver. Ever.

I bought an inflatable single bed and lay it as close to the bathroom as possible.

All of mine have been under twilight sedation. Don't remember a thing from any. But I always remeber when the doc reaches for a hanging scope just before I go to sleep. They are very very long.

Lying on the bed sideways in a gown arse out is also a downside.

Always wanted to put a Sharpie written W on each butt cheek so the doc sees WoW. ;p

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Excellent post(s)! I love it...I had both done about a month ago and I concur with everything above in terms of prep, recovery, the fantastic buzz that came with it, etc....A lot of guys never get these done and a lot of times it catches up with them. While the doc was searching around there he found a few polyps and removed them. I am young to have had them so I have to have the procedure done again in a year. You never know, but....you gotta go.

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Working as a tech in surgery through college as seeing diabetic amputations, hemitoma's, various orthopedic surgeries, organ harvest etc. I would have to say a particular bowl resection was probably the most disturbing. If getting that cord shoved up my sphincter keeps that from happening, use every foot of cord if you have to.

Someone mentioned movie prep and it reminded me of this Dave Berry's story. Well worth the read,


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