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I'm 2 hours away right now. Should be able to make the short drive ....

Looking forward to it !

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Hey there, FOHers,

We had a great time here in Northern Virginia this afternoon. Good drink (fun blind rum tasting), good food (Lothar's artisan ribs and sausages), and of course, great cigars. Here's our official herf portrait. From left to right: foreese (Frank), Lothar (Master Butcher), NYCgarman (John), Ginseng (Wilkey), Warren516 (sorry, didn't catch your name), Habana Mike (do I have to spell it out for you?), TrickNick (the second half of his handle), and Dee ("D").

Thanks to all the great FOH members who came by and made this a very enjoyable experience.




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It was awesome meeting all of you! Great people, good times. Can't wait until we can do it again sometime. Cheers All!

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Good time and great people! Lothar's ribs and sausage were outstanding, as were Wilkey's cigars and hospitality.

That Koloa rum was not too shabby either.

Pleasure to meet all, well worth the long drive for the brief visit.

Thanks for having us Wilkey.

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Thanks again Wilkey for organizing this meet and your generous hospitality, The food, Rum and Cigars were spot on.

It was great meeting everyone and putting faces to names.

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