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  1. This reminds me of the conversations we were having on various boards in 2008/2009, as the 2008 box codes were an obvious jump in quality and so many marcas were smoking well right out of the box at the time. In the end, these ended up aging wonderfully so far IMO. I’m smoking from a few 2008/2009 boxes at the moment that are just starting to really hit a stride. Based on this experience, I honestly think the current box codes will age well. Maybe different aging patterns than other years, but I think the current uptick in quality will only serve for a better end product post aging. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  2. They are smoking beautifully right now. I think they have improved significantly with some age. I ran a blind cigar tasting of LEs/REs at the end of last year and this was the second favorite cigar in the line up and one of only 3 cigars to average a score of above 90.
  3. If you're doing whiskey, I'm in! In fact, I'll probably bring some!
  4. Great sale. I love the shape of the RA's, but they just don't stike me as coming around yet. Maybe in the future.
  5. This is what folks thought of the Monte Sublime as well, but look how that turned out.
  6. Welcome. I'm in the Annapolis area all of the time as my family is on Kent Island. Any good places to smoke in Annapolis?
  7. Awesome cigar. Only have a couple of these left so I am extremely jealous!
  8. The 52 needs some time, IMHO. The 54 is where its at. Amazing smoke.
  9. Great to hear these are so good. I'll definitely have to pick some up now. Thanks!
  10. I have found these extremely inconsistent. Some are harsh as can be with flavors that do not strike my fancy while some have some great flavors and just seem to need some time. I have found the construction to be inconsistent as well from plugged sticks to underfilled ones.

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