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Bought a few of the original batch of these & thought it was time to see how they were doing. For some odd reason, it took a while to actually get lit, but once going produced a perfect draw & burn. Full bodied & medium to strong, it had a very good flavor. Very good cigar but totally monolithic. The last couple draws tasted pretty much the same as the first. I'd be much happier if it was a $10 cigar, but for what these cost, I'd rather get a box of current Partagas Presedentes- a similarly shaped cigar, and keep the change.

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Tonight I smoked the first of the 3 Czars that I bought from the original batch and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! For me, there was complexity enough to keep me interested and the flavors from beginning to nub were very satisfying. I really look forward to the remaining 2 that I have and wouldn't hesitate to pay the same amount for them again.

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Reading this post has motivated me to give both of the Czar Customs another go.

1st up will be the Tampa which can be best described as a motley looking shaggy foot lonsdale,

Straight cut nice cold draw might be a bit loose. nice barnyard aroma

Shaggy foot lit up nicely and the early part of this cigar is a mild/medium mushroom/butter notes.

Half through it now and this has developed very nicely into a medium bodied cigar. Still earthy mushroom but now a nice white pepper spice with honey butter and cocoa in the background. Draw is a bit loose but a razor sharp burn not touch ups required at all.

Two thirds through this cigar has really picked up in strength to a medium/full. Still very earthy, cocoa has come more to the forefront and a bit spicier sadly the honey butter background notes have faded away rather quickly and as I smoke through this third it has become a bit one dimensional.

Starting into the last third now it is mostly toasted tobacco and white pepper, with hints of cocoa back again and dare I say sherry flavoured sweetness coming in. (that was a surprise and I am not even drinking alcohol), The burn continues to be perfect.

As I finish off the last third that sherry sweetness was short lived and back to a strong earthy mushroom, toasted tobacco and white pepper being predominant again overpowering the sweetness I found in the first half of this cigar.

This cigar has mellowed a bit and become somewhat more complex from what I remember from the last one I had about 18 months ago.

Overall I would give it a 92 for the first half an 86 for the second half and settle upon an 89 rating. It did show signs of brilliance that were short lived and may get better with more time. Will let my remaining Tampa's rest for a while longer with the hope that it develops more complexity throughout.

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Well I was going to do a review of the other Czar Custom in the perfecto vitola but upon cutting it found the draw to be way too tight. Will dry box it for a day or two to see if it becomes smokable.

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Just had the "other" (not tampa) customs, cant remember the name given to this. Wow!!!! I have to say the best cigar this year. This is after smoking back to back a Punch DC and Lusitania the day before. No draw issues this time, i cut it slightly more than usual perfect draw. And the flavours just outstanding, taking all the best flavour profiles in every marca into 1 cigar. I prob rate it 96. The punch was awesome but this guys just knocked it out of the park for me.


Paired it Laphroaig Quarter Cask and with this magnificent view.


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