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My cigar adventure started a year and a half ago. Initially smoking cigars straight from my cigar retailer and then getting more organised buying humidors and stocking my favourite cigars.. So here where I am at the moment ..

Cuaba Divinos (5) given to me as gift (not really my favourite)

Trinidad reyes (JUN 12)

Monte No4 (FEB 12) Having one as I am writing this and damn its tasty

Monte No2 (2010 I think) leftovers from a box I got from Dubai Airport

HDM Epi2 (FEB 12)

SLR Doble Coronas (JUN 2004 !!!) My pride and joy love these.. Have found a retailer with a couple of 2004 boxes and get them as frequently as I can in singles !! Needless to say that they smoke amazing

On my humidor tray few left overs from various single purchases..

Ramon Allones Extra LE 2011

H.Upmann 2012

Cohiba robusto

Cohiba Genio

Cohiba BHK 54

RYJ Cedros 2

Monte Edmundo

H.Upmann Sir Winston

RYJ Churchill

Trinidad robusto T

Bolivar Royal Corona

SCDH Oficio

HDM Epi Special

Latest additions (Thanks to Cigar Czar..Thanks Rob and Dee!!)

Boxes of

H.Upmann Mag 50 (ABR 12)

H.Upmann Royal Robusto (JUL 12)

RYJ Wide Churchills (MAR 12)

Hopping to get my box of HQ Partagas shorts that I have just ordered as well..

As I said nothing much but I thought I would share with all of you .. Leaving all these babies rest as I am leaving for my national army service in about 20 days. Thats about it I guess some low quality pictures fro you and I will get down enjoying whats left of my Monte No4.....

Cheers all





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Thank you Guys.. I guess the hardest part when starting smoking cigars is to avoid the temptation of having them straight out of the box....

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You have a proliferation of double banded cigars.

Never thought of that, but looking at my Humi you are so right!! Hahhahaha!!!

Both Humi's are now full. Time for a third one or maybe time to start thinking for cabinet solutions !

I will keep you posted for my collection newcomers!!

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Great set of cigars you got started! Thanks for sharing

P.s, those magicos can get pretty harsh looking haha. I had a box that was all veiny and roughed up like your single there

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