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  1. I'd go the partagas MF any day over r&j, I've had some stellar boxes of partagas MF. Medium bodied and aromatic. definitely one of my favorite C&Cs.
  2. Great review! Makes me want to search some out - pity the LGC brand is going the way of the dodo
  3. Lol love this quote. It is somewhat ironic though, as NCs started the jawbreaker revolution
  4. Shlomo I think this argument is exactly the same argument that i and many others share but on the flip side is also a particularly good reason for hsa to cut them. If all I cared about was money, I wouldn't want people noticing that my flashy expensive product was at best equal with one of my cheaper products. Cut the cheap option and force people to take the expensive one.
  5. Perhaps having a complete catalogue of 55+rg cigars will lead to a shortage of volado leaves and they will be forced to make skinnier cigars
  6. Sooo just to tally things up: looking at the totally discontinued cigars on the list (ie not just the 3packs and 50cabs) I see 1 sublimes 2 DCs and then a tonne of 42/43 ring gauge sticks This trend is never going to stop is it?!?
  7. A box of partagas E2s have hands down been my worst Cuban cigars. They look fine construction fine but taste like a sub par Dominican: bland and tasteless. Thankfully it is only a 5 box because I was wetting my feet before diving in. I'm sure it must have been a dud box reading some other FOHers reviews. second is a box of dip 2s - nothing like the quality I've had in other dip 2s. Construction is fine but taste is washed out and bland. Coincidentally both these boxes did NOT come from our host
  8. Yes just different - not "better"
  9. The distinction is based on their ingredients, with agricole rum being made from the crushed sugar cane itself, whereas most rums are made from molasses a by product of processing cane for sugar. You'll find the French Caribbean islands are the main sources of agricole rum, and I believe this is due to the similarities between using this "cane juice" and using grapes to make cognac. agricole rums tend to have lighter fruity notes to them, but of course they can be rich too Off the top of my head I don't believe any of the rums you've mentioned are agricole except (kind of but not officially) zacapa
  10. Yeah a robusto would make a lot more sense. It was the "infantes" on the box in the photo and the text saying it is a new "shape". But I'm guessing they're just saying robusto is new to the current erdm line up. well we can all hope for some circa 40 RG releases sometime
  11. if these are the same infante vitola as on Trevor's site (37 x 3.9) then I find this a very out of character and interesting release for habanos - a 10 count box of small skinnies. Is this a trial for a new direction? Or maybe just something that non cigar smokers might try buying?
  12. I agree with you but I dont have a tube or case that would fit a PE. Plus I must admit Im a sucker for the pretty cohiba tube - no fighting a superficial buy based on shiny packaging! ... I think i might be a lost cause.
  13. Haha thanks Pres - hopefully I can find some in glass tubes, I think theyre limited edition or something ....
  14. I can't see these on the czars websites. Anyone know of another reputable dealer who sells these? I'm looking to pick up a 3 pack to try. Also anyone who's tried both with and without tube note any differences like some other cigars can show?
  15. PigFish we will have to agree to disagree. This is because we have different premises - I do not proscribe to the win at all costs ethos. I find that winning at all costs and playing the game using the same tactics as your opponent leads to a slippery slope of morals. Gradually boundaries blur and you become the thing you hated/opposed in the first place.
  16. Thanks edlye I was aware of that info. Plus I really agree with you that racism was only a fraction of what the NAZI party stood for in terms of human rights. Your point is the same as mine: NAZI is not just racist just like Raised Fist is not just racist
  17. Oh so that clears up why you thought foh would be accused of being racist. Because you plan to associate the government with racism

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