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Hello Everyone,

I reside in the Washington, DC area. Like most new members I browsed the forum for a while before I introduced myself. I have been smoking cigars for a about five years, but not on a regular. My first Cuban was a Siglo III and it was the best that I have ever smoked hands down.

I also enjoy cognac (Pierre Ferrand), scotch, wine, golf (last 2 years), running (1 marathon, 6 halfs, and 3 ten milers) and volunteering (mentoring and tutoring).

I received my first purchase from LFTW a couple of days ago. A box of RASCC.


I also have a box of Partagas Shorts that are in route that was purchased on LFTW.

I look forward to learning more from the members of this forum. If anyone is in the Washington, Dc area please hit me up.


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Welcome, I am in Manassas,VA! Not sure where you are but if you would like to meet up for a cigar and scotch sometime pm me. And enjoy the forums. Cheers!

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How do you stomach that town???hole.gif

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! -the Pig

True, it is a rat race, but my wife is employed by the largest defense contractor in the world and the majority of the work is here in the DC area. So, it is a necessary evil, have to have a job and the jobs are here. Once you retire. time to fly south or west!
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