Troubling Signs for FOH....."The Figurados"

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LOL, they all look the same mate. can't blame the Prez,

I'd blame Clive personally


I don't recall much about last night once the Tequila came out, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't in Sydney, the cab dropped me off just north of Perth City.


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Great to see my Sydney boys ok.gif glad you all had a good time and I am so glad I no longer get the early morning texts from Rob asking me A) to bail him out of jail, B ) which hotel did I book him in C) call him to wake him in the morning or D) get a text from the taxi driver Rob used the night before because yet again his lost his phone in the cab LOLOL wink2.gif Love you Rob

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It was a top night, you blokes are full of ****, there was 5 lebs in the entire place the rest were italians, croas, greeks but you obviously can't tell the difference!

Rob your money is in the humidor as I left it, we have an excuse to catch up in January ... Also please tell me you took the rest of the box!

Jason you whinge too much, but every club needs one.

On a serious note, thank you Rob for seriously saving the night and Chris (Fuzz) for pretending to help me organise the event love you both.

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Always a pleasure Rob! Jase and I always grab some supper after a Figurados event... and Elie always misses out!! jester.gif

Actually, it was only just past midnight when we were locked out of the "Elie only party". By the time we got a table, ordered and tucked into supper it was 1am. 2 hours later I finally dropped you off back at your hotel! I was stuffed after eating that much. Jase, maybe next time we skip the crab and order more pipis.

Di, you have to insist that you come down with Rob!! sneaky.gif

I can't believe you blokes never invited me to your dinner, I was paying the bill for the night and by the time I was out everyone disappeared on me ... I will remember this one Chris.

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We waited for 5-10 minutes and you didn't come out. The light were off, door closed with no sign of movement inside, so we thought you had your own thing going with the toilet gimp. We were standing around on Crown St for another 10 minutes trying to decide where to go.

Can't help it if you didn't come out when they were closing up to ask us to wait for you. You snooze, you lose! nyah.gif

Gotta tell ya, though. Those pipis in XO sauce we had for supper were really good!! innocent.gifstir.gif

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