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Hey guys I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself, my name is Joe, my friend DougB referred me to this forum. I'm married with 2 dogs agreat Dane and a kids

I've been smoking cigars since high school but really started to get into it about 6 years ago on my honeymoon. We stayed at s resort in Mexico and every day I would walk past a women rolling cigars, they looked and smelled fantastic, so I bought one and was truly hooked immediately. This was my first "real" cigar. Since then I've explored many different manufactures, blends and styles. My everyday smoke now is the Padron 1964 in maduro. I generally like a strong, full bodied cigar, which is why I smoke the Padron. While this is not the most powerful cigar out there it does have a great blend and to me tastes well balanced.

Anyhow i look forward to getting to know more of you and learning as much as I can...


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Hi Joe,

Welcome to the Friends of Habanos Cuban Cigar Forum.

New members are encouraged to spend some time familiarising themself with the rules and guidelines of this forum.

Our mantra is Laughter, Friendship, Loyalty, and Fraternity.


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Jersey, I almost got jumped in Jersey waiting for my layover.... That will be the last time I go looking for a bar by myself! By the way, welcome to FOH!

Sorry about that Manny, I thought you were someone else ;)

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