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  1. I love them. Very happy to have as many as I do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Welcome aboard! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Smoked mine this afternoon. Lovely. Best of the 5 for mine. Had a strong opinion on it from the get go, just hope I'm right...
  4. Just finished a LGC Inmensos from January 2013. Very good. Really appreciate the flavour profile of these.
  5. If I found those carrots in my crisper, I'd throw them out.
  6. I thought it common knowledge that sheep dislike baaaaad language...
  7. My pleasure mate. I really didn't want it to be as good as it was...
  8. I just posted my review in the review sub forum.
  9. Stunning, rich toasty aroma. Nosed it unlit for a good ten minutes like a quality whisky. Opening - Perfect draw after barely removing the cap. Spicy, lush, creamy dense smoke. Laden with sweet spices (cinnamon, hints of nutmeg). Mouthfeel akin to creme brulee. Decadence. First third - Settles quickly into balanced stride. Spice subsiding to reveal a not unpleasant mustiness with floral lashings. Bang on medium body and strength. Second third - Woody cedar elements emerge after the first ash falls. Still bang on medium body. Spice now gone. Relatively subdued flavours through the mid way point but totally elegant. Predominantly toasty tobacco yet very captivating. No hints of youthfulness. Final third - Intensity now stepping up. Burnt toffee/caramel wafts coming in waves. Surfs up and it's cranking! Wow. Honeyed sweetness, too. Still nothing to suggest this puppy was rolled within the last six or so months. Outstanding. Burn has been very good despite moments of slight unevenness. Who knows what these will become in time. Exceptional now. Best $69 I spent this weekend, or any weekend for that matter. Bravo Pacific Cigar Company. Destined to be a classic.
  10. Not yet. Going to wait until after dinner. I'll post some notes when done.
  11. Arrived this week at LCDH in Melbourne. Going to crack it this afternoon / evening. FYI they are $69 each, $1700 per box AUD. As a price comparison, La Casa in Melbourne has BHK 52's at $77 each.
  12. For me it was a VR Unicos. Probably a combination of mood, setting, mates, drink etc.. but it was utterly sublime. Been sadly chasing the dragon on these ever since.
  13. In no particular order. Hoyo des Dieux SLR Serie A Siglo III LGC Inmensos These all sit within my flavour spectrum and contain the variety I like depending on my mood.
  14. Hate to burst your bubble folks but this is a scam email according to

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