What PCs are smoking good right now?

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I need to order up some more PCs as my stock is dwindling and I wanted to see what was currently smoking good?

I have a few siglo I, partagas shorts and boli pcs left, but they have been going quick. I find a partake in the PCs more in the summer (shorter smoke in this heat), and we still have another month to go.

While I'm ordering, how are the current RASS's smoking?

Thanks in advance...

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I pretty much stay to the following PC's:


Boli PC's

Monte 4's

Punch Petit Corona Del Punch

As for the shorts I pretty much stick with with the Party Shorts. I used to like the Punch Petit Punch also but they are now discontinued :(

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Agree on the PLPC's. There are smoking beautifully at the moment. But they have for several years in a row now, so I think a CAB of 50 is a pretty secure smoking investment.

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Partagas Shorts and RASCC are my go to pc's at the moment. I also enjoy the BPC and personally i'm looking into getting a cab of plpc after having a couple of singles, smoked good young and members say they just get better with age

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Heck, there is no such thing as a "bad" small cigar from Cuba these days!

Good point Shlomo. They seem to be getting these ones right over the last number of years.

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Tmac and shlomo make very good points. I can't really think of a PC thats not smoking good at the moment in the world of habanos, they all have their caracteristics. Cant really go wrong with any of the choices mentioned

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