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  1. You're turning this into something political? Fixed your statement for you.
  2. If it's about best singers and not voices, they could have included Donald Fagen.
  3. Very sorry to hear about your friend. If someone wants to kill themselves, they unfortunately will. It sounds like he had been planning this for a while. Sometimes, a person with depression will show an elevation in their mood. Usually, this is a positive sign. However, it can also signify relief once they have decided on suicide. I bet his recent concussion is not coincidental. Also, alcohol is disinhibiting and really raises suicide risk. He knew what he was doing, and there is no way you could have intervened. I've been dealing with mental health patients for 30 years, and most of us have had to deal with suicide. We ask ourselves the same questions you did, and it's hard not to feel some personal responsibility. But, the reality is, suicide is not always preventable. It is not necessarily a selfish act. It's an act of pain, desperation, and hopelessness that things will get better.
  4. Hopefully this kind of thing won't by itself change the improvement of US-Cuba relations. It seems to me it benefits both countries. You have to do business and make deals with people who say bad things about you. Whether it's for internal political gain, or the person who makes the comment is an ideologue, paranoid, a demagogue etc., you have to have your eyes focused further down the road.
  5. Seeing them 4 decades past their prime is better than not seeing them at all.
  6. My brother is a KU alumnus. He won 4 Final Four tickets in the lottery. Had flight to Houston and hotel booked. Nice choke. Tough being a Jayhawks fan.
  7. Handsome boy. I love this colour on a Golden.
  8. As Bill Clinton said, he singlehandedly wiped out every stereotype he had of Canadians.
  9. Does the car smell afterwards? Do you have leather or cloth interior? I'm thinking of getting a convertible and would love to be able to do this.

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