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Hi guys, just joined the forum today after being made aware of this great place by a member on another forum.

As stated in the title, I'm from Belfast in Northern Ireland / Ireland and have been into cigars for approximately 10 years (ish) and love cubans (and some non-cubans too).

A little more info about me:-

- Favourite Cuban - Can't choose one, love RASS, Bolivar Royal Corona & Monte No.4 amongst others

- Favourite Non-Cuban - Anything by Pete Johnson (Tatuaje) / Pepin Garcia / Padron

- Married - Yes, August 2009

- Favourite Holiday Destination - New York (with Hawaii a close second)

- Favourite Food - Indian (although love Italian and Spanish)

- Listening To At The Minute - The Kings of Leon

- Favourite Sport - Football

- Favourite Team - Liverpool (amazingly still after a nightmare season!!!)

- Favourite TV Show - Seinfeld

- Favourite Movie - Kelly's Hero's

Anyway, glad to be a member and look forward to making some new friends and chatting and sharing experiences about our great hobby.


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Welcome Garry, hope FOH can be on your list of faves.

Kellys heroes (As stated by many) is a classic. Lets not forget Telly Savallas and Donald Sotherland Sandman. ;)

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MIKA27 FOH is already on the favourites list, heading rapidly towards the top :rotfl: . In my opinion Donald Sutherland as "Oddball" is one of the best characters ever.

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Welcome to the Forum enjoy ,we do :lol:

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