2007 Saint Luis Rey Double Corona Reviews

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Three years ago we selected two cabinets of SLRDC as well as a crew of reviewers to undertake a 5 year experiment.

The cabs are visually identical, aroma same. We store both cabs in the humidor and send the cigar out to the reviewer in March each year. This minimizes storage variability.

The purpose of the exercise is to see if and how these cigars change over the 5 years. The first two years reviews can be seen pinned at the top of the Cigar Review Forum.

To our reviewers....post away over the upcoming weeks your review. Please use this thread. Go back where appropriate and look at your last review. Much appreciated :rotfl:

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I've been following this series with interest, being a fan of the SLR DC and all. In fact, I've been shadowing y'all by secretly smoking from my cab of '07. If your cabs have evolved in a similar manner as mine, Rob, the reviewers are in for a treat! :rotfl:

End of threadjack

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I too have enjoyed following this. Looking forward to the reviews and the comparisons from 08 and 09.

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Time and weather permitted, so I had at it....

Construction: Aside from a flattened foot and slightly dented head due to transport, all seem in good order.

Wrapper: Golden colorado, a bit veiny, with a very nice uniform sheen of oil.

Pre-Light Aroma / Draw / Taste: Great aroma of sweet barnyard. Decent draw with a light taste of cedar and tobacco.

Draw / Burn / Smoke Volume: All very good.

Taste: First draws are softly nutty with a bit of salt spice and a subtle sense of citrus. Immediately smooth and medium in body. Draw is good

but smoke volume could be a little better. Fully an inch or so in, any sense of spice has dissipated. A core of clean tobacco, some walnut in the

middle, and a light citrus overlay. Finish is clean and smoothly tannic.

Smoke volume begins to increase nicely and burn to this point has been excellent. Midway through the first third, I'd describe this one as being

on the woody side of the spectrum overall.

As the first third becomes the mid, the slightly tannic walnut becomes more of a smooth unsweetened chocolate, which when combined with the

light tangerine citrus gives an overall impression of molé without the pepper. While the finish is still somewhat woody, it has softened slightly,

becoming less dry. Body remains medium, everything smooth, well balanced, integrated.

Smoke volume has become very good, the smoke fairly mouth coating with a peanut-buttery texture. Molé starts to become the dominant feature,

along with a clean citrus finish. At midpoint, my overall impression is of a finesse cigar - flavorful, but not overt. Past midpoint and into the final

third, overall flavor, body, and balance have remained nearly the same, but overall intensity begins to increase, and the light citrus is displaced

by a cotton candy sweetness.

In the final third, a little earthy, some soft green notes, hints of anise, and some white pepper spice. Still relatively smooth - perhaps breaking up

ever so slightly. An overall sense of toasty, quality tobacco. With the end nearing, a few draws of clean mint and a molé finish, leaving a little tingle

on the tip of the tongue. Though slightly "greener" overall, it has remained relatively smooth with no harshness or off notes. I reluctantly set it down.

Score: An appealing 92, it retained my interest throughout - a completely different cigar from years one and two.

I'm very appreciative to once again take part, and look forward to reading the rest of the reviews.

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Very good right up, Rossco. I'm looking forward to trying mine this afternoon if the weather permits.

You had me looking up what "mole' " is... and now that I know, I am hoping that I get the same profile through mine. Very intrigued.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Received the cigar about one month ago. Flattened foot and no band, other wise fine.

Stored in a common singles humidor in my storage room, set at 16deg C and 65% RH, and fluctuating between 16deg C to 17deg C, and 64% to 71% RH.

Smoked Sunday on the veranda, with water and coffee to-wards the end.


To me, this year's cigar did not have the same silky wrapper that the previous two years had.

The cold cigar aroma was excellent.

Construction was fine.

For some reason, cutting the head was extremely difficult...it needed the most force on my Xikar that I have ever used.

The draw appeared average to slightly tight.


On lighting up the draw was fine (average).

The volume of smoke was just below average for me (I like a good smoke volume).

The burn was excellent and did not require relighting.

I smoked this cigar down to the nub.....really liked this cigar, however I don't think it has improved over the last year.

Some of the (few) flavours I tasted last year were missing.

There was no real variation throughout the length of the cigar.

If anything I think the overall strength of this cigar has increased over the past year.

As previously, I normally don't score cigars but this cigar was certainly enjoyable and well recommended. If pressed.....on a 1 to 5 scale, I would score it a 3½.

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Storage Conditions: ≈ 65° F, 64%

Construction: Fairly light in the hand, which caused me to wonder if it had fully re-humidified. It was uniform to the touch with no obvious hard or soft spots. It appeared to be well-rolled.

Appearance: The wrapper was a light brown, smooth to the touch with no evidence of oils.

Pre-light Aroma: Light scent of mature tobacco.

Draw / Burn / Smoke Volume: The cigar lit easily, and burned reasonably well. There was one run that eventually corrected itself. The draw was consistently medium throughout the smoke, providing an adequate amount of smoke.

Taste: The first draws were moderately spicy, with some pepper on the finish. Within an inch, the cigar stabilized into a smooth, medium-bodied flavor profile of mature tobacco and dried hay with some notes of dried fruit and candied ginger. The fruit flavor was reminiscent of dried apricots. The finish was short and slighly sweet.

In the first third, I would describe this cigar as on the light side of medium bodied. Blind, I think I would have pegged it as an SLR DC, but it wasn't as rich and flavorful as most SLR DC's I have had. I would describe the flavors as muted, and not very complex. However, the flavor profile was uniform and consistent throughout the course of the cigar.

I like the SLR DC, so I enjoyed taking the time to smoke this Double Corona. But overall, the cigar was disappointing, given it's relative lack of flavor intensity, body and complexity. After the bombshell that I smoked last year, I was expecting something better.

Score: 88

Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in this review.

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Dear all

First of al let me say that It is a honour for me to parricipate here. 


I received the cigar a  few weeks back and kept it at about 72% and 14  degrees celcius (I like em wet and cold).

Last weekend I saw the opportunity to smoke it so I went to my humidor to see if the cigar was ready. I found a cigar with a very smooth and silky wrapper that smelled intensivelly of this sweet and spicy tobacco smell we all like so much. Green lights! 

First third

After cutting and lighting it I noticed little smoke produced albeit the draw was fine. Imediately I noticed the cigar to be a bit sour on the tounge (pleasantly sour) with taste of sour dough. It had a light raw almond taste (which for me is a sign of good quality tobacco) and after the first puffs nutmeg and gingerbread were there too and reminded me why this cigar is one of my favourite biggies. Unfortunately the flavours started to mute after an inch and the smoke got very mellow.

Second third

Not much of a change or development was noticeable. It stayed rather mellow and sometimes there were hints of gingerbread in a few puffs. Burn started to be uneven and ash gets flaky.

Last third

Finaly the cigar gets more spicy and gets back towards what I like in a SLR DC but not satisfying as when they are really good. It started to be a bit salty on the tounge. Burn stays uneven. 

All in all I have to say that this was the least satisfying of the three I smoked so far. Are they sick right now?



PS: I smoked the DC inside and paired it up with a Capuchino.

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My apologies for the late write up - I smoked this cigar two weeks ago, and havent got around to converting my notes into a review.

Firstly, my thanks to Czar for the opportunity to be included in this group review. It was an honour to be asked to give my thoughts of what is a cigar I have not tried for a while. I love this vitola... but seldom have the time to dedicate to enjoy it. It was great to be forced to sit down for the sake of the cigar community (or at least that's what I told everyone who was waiting on me) and give it a workout.

So on to the review...

Initial observations:

* The cigar arrived with a beautiful wrapper. Shaded on the lighter side of colorado. A flattened foot had me a little curious, but I put this down to shipping.

* The cigar is firm, but has just the perfect amount of give / resistance between my thumb and fore finger. Seems to have good construction with no apparent plugs.

* Some oils were noted on the surface, not evenly distributed - but attractive none-the-less.

* Aroma at cold were clean, slightly muted tobacco. It was quite inviting and I looked forward to smoking it.

* Pre light draw was excellent and the taste was the same as the aroma - clean and somewhat muted.

First third:

After setting fire to the foot, good smoke was present. I was quite enthused by what the cigar presented me. A very clean and balanced taste, with a mild tannic finish after each draw. Flavours were that of mild and grassy barnyard - but not at all similar to a Cohiba, which would also be associated with this flavour description. This has very much its own personality.

As the cigar progressed, I did not note much in the way of flavour development - but was enthused by its approachable nature. Very smooth and elegant.

Second third:

The cigar developed only slightly from its personality in the first third. The flavours were the same - but slightly darker and more robust in character. Still quite balanced, but lacking the complexity that I feel will come with age.

Last third:

The cigar closed out in great style. It's profile developed to the fuller side medium bodied and left me feeling satisfied. I even started detecting spicy (not peppery) notes that were quite welcome. I always enjoy a cigar that leaves a long finish - and this had all the hallmarks of doing just that. The mouthfeel was great as well. I also noted that right from start to finish that the ash held on tight and long.

My main and only critisism is the smoke volume which thinned out as the cigar burnt... I hate cigars that dont give me smoke. I feel like I've ordered a low alcohol beer - it kind of defeats the purpose.

Id rate this cigar a 90.

Besides lacking smoke volume - it did everything it was designed to do. It's character and profile was well executed and I commend the blenders on getting it right. I would definitely buy a cab of these if I could convince myself I would one day have time to smoke them.

Thanks for reading.

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Last night I finally had the opportunity to for a double corona. This cigar is worlds above the one last year. It has a blond cinnamon wrapper with a dry sheen and no veins but does have two small holes like blemishes. It does have a funny curvature to it from the ribbon but that should not affect anything.

The pre-light aroma of the foot was of hay grass and the draw seems fine. As I recall the draw was so poor last year that I could not even smoke the cigar and discarded it.

The cigars starts with that lovely Cuban twang akin to a lemon zest and I love it. The body is medium and the flavors of salted leather are pleasant but a tad on the mild side. I’ve been smoking to many strong customs lately and have acclimated to the young and strong.

In the second third the cigars settles into a flat zone and becomes more indistinct and some of the sparkle disappears.

The last third comes back with a more robust attitude and the flavor profile is more of a straight up tobacco with the earlier nuances fading under strength.

This cigar receives the highest marks for flawless construction and the burn was razor sharp never needing the first correction. Because of this I have to give this smoke a higher rating than the flavors and presentation dictate. I have not a cigar this well made in quite some time. Score of 91.

Thanks for the nice cigar.

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Mar 14, 2010

Stored at 63/67. Pairing with a Cote du Rhone red.

Construction: Overall very nice, though it feels a bit heavy and

perhaps tightly packed. Same as last year.

Appearance is a reddish wrapper. Nice and oily. Pretty smooth

and appealing to the eye. Firm with no soft spots.

Pre-light aroma reveals a nice cedar and slight barnyardy smell.

Exactly like last year.

Pre-burn draw is toasty tobacco along with some choco-cocoa

sweetness and leather.

First Third.

Draw is perfect. Just enough resistance.

Initial flavor is clean toasty tobacco and a fruitiness. No spice.

Razor sharp burn. The nose on this is very very nice. Same salty

nuttiness and back palate fruit on each puff's finish. Still no

spice. Last years spice has been replaced with some saltiness

that has nutty undertones. Very nice flavors to start. Good amount

of smoke.

The saltiness is becoming pronounced with slight cardamum flavors.

A solid medium with a wonderful mouthfeel. Coating the mouth. The

start on this one is much nicer than previous ones. Some tannins

show up after about an inch. Fruitiness disappeared. Just ashed it

after about an inch or so. Ash is solid and not flaky.

Medium/light gray ash.

As the first third ends there has been a slow but steady building

of flavors. Not complexity mind you.

Second Third.

Second third has started off with a pepper showing up.

Also in the nose! So far this cigar impresses me with more

punch. More strength that the previous ones. It is all saltiness,

nuts and a backlash of mild pepper.

The tobac flavors are taking over now. The nose shows pronounced

white pepper. Cigar is above medium now. Makes me wonder about

the last third.

This third has had a change in flavors and intensity. Pepper and

leather. Frankly I am somewhat surprised at its' aggressiveness.

Nothing muted about it. Ash has turned a little darker as well.

I am noticing a very hard ash when ashing. Same as previously

Last Third.

Starting the last third. So far I characterize this as much fuller

in strength than previously. Tongue is tingling a bit. More tannins.

Lots of leather is showing up. Aftertaste of cardamum and nuts.

Pepper is muted on the nose now.

Nose is smooth. Interesting as it is mildly peppery on the mouth.

This is not a one demensional cigar by any means. Nice

progression of flavors for this cigar. Or changing of flavor rather.

Goes sour around band or a little less.

I give this about a solid 90. It has definitely improved and made a

statement. I do think it is in the middle and need another deuce.

I look forward to seeing if I am right or wrong.

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rob and i did ours by way of video yesterday, so smithy should have that up by september.

without giving anything away, it has been interesting to see just how much variation there has been both over the years and within each year - which is also something i have found within my own boxes. it is an enjoyable experiment and as much as i love SLR DC's, i'm wondering if perhaps this was not the right cigar for this.

for me, they can be one of the very best of all cigars but when you get a flat one, and it seems every box has some, then it is a big let down. but the good ones make it worthwhile.

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rob and i did ours by way of video yesterday, so smithy should have that up by september.

without giving anything away, it has been interesting to see just how much variation there has been both over the years and within each year - which is also something i have found within my own boxes. it is an enjoyable experiment and as much as i love SLR DC's, i'm wondering if perhaps this was not the right cigar for this.

for me, they can be one of the very best of all cigars but when you get a flat one, and it seems every box has some, then it is a big let down. but the good ones make it worthwhile.

I will do my best to get that review up today Ken.

Without giving anything away Ken's place still has a **** load of spiders and cobwebs and Ken is wearing a brown knitted jumper that he found at the dump.

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I will do my best to get that review up today Ken.

Without giving anything away Ken's place still has a **** load of spiders and cobwebs and Ken is wearing a brown knitted jumper that he found at the dump.

much as i like my spiders, i'm finally relenting and having the pest people. and as for the jumper, my mother made (granted 30 years ago and she is horrified i still wear it) but i'll pass on your best, smithy. and next time i see you on the catwalk in milan, i'll take some notice. till then....

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Thanks again Rob for making a part of this study..

Sorry I have not been around that much as of late everyone have not been smoking as much as late. As funds are going to other things that are more important and don't need to be seeing what everyone is smoking!! LoL 

Boy do I miss a good cigar and this one fit the bill!!

Since we started this study this cigar has sucked plain and simple !!

This cigar I smoke was blended right from the start and got better with age Flavors noted:

Butter almond


Tangy spices

dried sweet fruit

Cigar was med and very smooth and balanced with thick meaty smoke.

It was rolled perfect and draw was top notch!! 

Wrapper was lite golden brown and had some veins and smell at cold was lite sweet tobacco.

Had flavor from start to finish kept me intrested until the last puff .

A solid 92 !!! 

Hope to see you all soon on the forum please don't for get me!! LoL

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