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My eldest son Ben had done very well in his school results and played his first match for the school First XV rugby team on Saturday and so I thought I would treat him to a days Tuna Fly Fishing on Sunday. I invited good mate "Shagga" Bowden and his son "Dirty" Harry to join us under the tutelage of Australia's master salt water fly fishing legend Gavin Platz. There is no better salt water fly Fishing guide in the world than Gavin. On a perfect day for Fly Fishing he put us on the fish all day and we recorded 22 fish landed on fly and released. Just as many got away again. We didn't land a big tuna this day although we were busted off a half dozen times of 25lb + fish. Part of that was my fault as I insisted Brad and I fished with a 5 weight fly rod...just to even things up :buddies:

The highlight of these father and son days is the sheer look of pleasure on the kids faces.

My son Ben (16) at the ramp with Gavin Platz.


Shagga and Dirty Harry


Gav's boat is the best Tuna fly boat in the business. 6.2 m long, stable and fast.


Yours truly needs a haircut.


Follow the birds to breaking water. The tuna work the bait shools pushing them together. move in slowly...ever so slowly.


First cast and Ben is on


The smile is what it is all about.


Dirty Harry's first big fish of his life. He will remember it.


Ben picked up a dozen for the day.


The fish didn't stand a chance.


Shagga is on...with a 5 weight!




I love these days. A few Partagas shorts, bottle of wine, letting the lads take centre stage and just spending time together.

Next trip is May 2nd. Gavin informed me Sunday it is Mothers day :o

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Didnt you catch any tuna?

I caught a half dozen on the 5 weight. Largest being 15 lb. Gav has shot some video of it which I will post when he sends it through.

These days are all about getting the kids smiling and letting them take centre stage :o

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Prez, congrats on what looks like a great day of fishing and memorable experience with your son. Tuna fishing on a fly rod is challenging but very rewarding, especially once the line strips down to the backing and the reel is zzzzzz-ing.

Now to get you into some Orvis Helios rods...and Large Arbor reels :o

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My boy is 19 and a away at school....lucky for me and the Mrs....only a few hours away....so we see him periodically. Hanging with him and his friends is a great joy and thanks to some Aussie folks I have the cigars on hand for all to enjoy.

Great photos and father son stuff there....

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