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-Sold a box of these recently and kept a fiver of the ugliest for myself

-Light Brownish wrapper, cracked foot, wrinkled wrapper, not a beauty contestant by no means

-Probably my favorite shape, Piramides

-Pre draw was just tobacco, nothing else

-Initial puffs are chewy, rich leather

-1/3 is Medium, sugar cane, chewy leather continues and a dry aftertaste sort of

-Little bit of Cayenne pepper on the back of the throat

-Ash is light Grey and holds on for 2” before leaving the party

-2/3 is still Medium, nice sweet-chewy aftertaste with some heat, maybe some toasted nuts as well

-Nice amount of spice/sweet balance to keep my attention, always enjoyed the singles I have had over the last couple of months

-Kind of reminds me of a sweet Partagas cigar up to this point with some very similar characteristics

-Ends with very similar flavors and profile of the 2/3

-Definitely recommend to try this when you can and even better to let sit for a while but was enjoyable this time around





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