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anyone else seen this and what did you think?

bolly did a preview a few days ago - couple of glasses of bolly in a big armchair a great way to watch bond.

i really enjoyed daniel craig's first one - thought it perhaps the best bond ever - but was really disappointed with the new one. just wondered what was the point of it all. very confusing. action was bizarre. sort of video clip. all over the place. very hard to follow.

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Yes, I saw it end of last week and pretty much agree with you (save for the man love part). My initial thoughts after watching were that I didn't like it as much as Casino Royale, that it was as you mentioned, rather disjointed. It seemed like they stepped back a bit to where the action sequences were more important than the story line. A car chase, a boat chase, a plane chase?

My feelings were confirmed after re-watching Casino Royale over the weekend - much better movie. I believe they used a different director for Quantum. A good enough movie, but I'd wait for it to come out on DVD.

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i watched casino royale again a few days before going to see q of s. really enjoyed (loved it, for all of you other than smithy). different directors. this new bloke did finding neverland and a few other good but very different films.

i have no doubt that they felt threatened by the success of bourne and keen to claw back what they could. sadly, nowhere near as good as CR.

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I saw it on the weekend and really enjoyed it. I liked the fact it tied right in with the last movie instead of being a more standalone episode like a lot of the older films are. I think having a multi-film story arc is a good thing that adds a lot to the franchise, and this film will lead into the next one I expect.

It did have a lot of action scenes but I would rather that than watching silly moments like all of the John Cleese appearances in the Brosnan era. Bond isn't a comedian.

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I went to see it this evening with very low expectations following the comments I'd read here and quite enjoyed it, but not what I was expecting.

There is a serious lack of Womanising, Gadgets, Aston Martins and most of the things you'd think of when you think Bond. I'm in agreement that Casino Royale was a better pic.

How hard would it be to come up with another evil bastard like Bloefeld? Would it really be so hard to slip in an Omega with a freakin' laser beam? I want ***** Galore!

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