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  1. Little Known rum St Abbs
  2. I would forget the MG and look at as a starting point and save the bullshit spread the MG will charge and addtiional fees then that will enable you to lower cigar prices for buyers who use
  3. Hoping someone is from the middle east here and can enlighten me to availablility of stock in the region.. Am based in Seychelles and willing to fly..last tme in DXB was about a month ago and they had basically ZERO stock.. Have not visited LCDH in Dubai for a while or is there any other outlets with stock in the region?? Thanks
  4. FYI was terrible Kempinski but TIA
  5. Anyone have any experience in Kenya? Dont expect cheap prices but good to find a decent hotel cigar bar if possible
  6. Also there is a bar in the square (old town) which have a Cuban roller working full-time and the customs are free!!. Cant remember the name of the place but is that area on the edge of the old town which has all the restaurants and clubs..
  7. Anyone know of a site which lists worldwide duties and taxes for cigars? There must be a partial list out there.. Thanks
  8. Does anyone have a resource that lists the general flavor profile for each brand? Thanks
  9. Cigar shop at Eden Plaza. La Casa del Puro .sc
  10. My opinion would be a little different and say the difference is not in the fact of wanting to work hard but one of greed. Americans have become the epitome of greed while Australians will and do work hard they are not that obsessed with it.. Maybe wrong or maybe not just my opinoin.
  11. Only the Irish could provide commentary like this..
  12. Just to add a little bit of info in Osaka there is SuperNova (smaller but good place with large selection) and Bar Arneck (nice place but limited selection). If you need any other info PM me. But as it was already said can smoke pretty much anywhere as most will not say anything to the foreigner even if they dont like it..
  13. Granted the guy is a nutter but he is reasonably intelligent if not misguided and also as devoted as a Jihadist. An interesting exert from his 1500 page article he wrote.. If u can actually read it all as it is pretty long winded..
  14. Has been officially endorsed that women will be joining front line units in Australia. That doesnt mean support units it means infantry platoon level.. Only exception is the SASR and Commando battalion... Gillard is so low in the polls she is trying anything to get a bounce in the polls. Chicks in infantry, a carbon tax, all sorts of mad extreme left wing ****. Geez how Australia is changing
  15. I think the simple solution is a ratings legend. Transparency of the ratings avoids any confusion.

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