She’s a Keeper

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So, recently I had need to relocate my humidors over to my Sweetie’s house.

I was in a bind for a place to keep them as the A/C had gone out at my house.

She had a spare (relatively small) room, much in need of repair but equipped with a good A/C that would be perfect for my storage area.

With the door closed – there is no problem holding room temperature to below 70F even in our temperate climate. :thumbsup:

Knowing my humidors would be safe now – I left out for another tour of work.

On my return three weeks later and quite weary from the long transit back; I enter a dark house and fall into bed ready to just doze off.

My Sweetie (Cathy) says “You might want to check the room temperature where your humidors are, I may have accidently change it to a wrong setting”.

As she seemed anxious about it (possibly worried) I pulled myself back up from bed and headed off through the house. When I got to the door of the “storage room” my eyes were just adjusting to the dimly lit area. Damned if the door didn’t look different but I figured it was just my eyes – When I tried to open the door it seemed to be sticking a bit but with a good shove it opened on up for me.

Something was up – I groped around, found the light switch and flipped it on……

The room had been transformed from a dingy storage area into a quaint little retreat for me to read, watch a show or just be alone with my cigars.

It was a relatively low cost makeover but in my eyes it equaled some of the stuff you see on those home improvement shows.

The previously obvious holes in the walls and door were neatly patched, primed and painted - get this, with Colorado tan wall/ceiling color with Maduro trim.

There was a slider rocker, a futon couch, TV/DVD, corner table, end table and shelves.

Framed pictures of cigars, matching wall clock and a hand painted plaque which reads “BUD Loves His Cigars Room”.

It really took a lot of work to get this room to its current condition – Amazing thing is Cathy generally puts in 50 hr/wk at work, takes care of the grandbaby every night and has been taking a basic Auto Cad class on top of it all. Crazy girl hadn’t slept for 36 hours trying to finish up the transformation before I was to come home nearly two days earlier than expected.

I am proud to have such a considerate and loving lady who patiently waits for me while I am gone for such long periods – Yup, my heart tells me Cathy is Definitely a Keeper. :lmao:

Just wanted to share my happy moment……………

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:drool: Pray tell....does she have a sister?

When you got back didn't find she had crashed your car? or run over your dog? I am alien to be on the receiving end of such free giving selflessness.

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My god yes, she's a keeper!!!

While I dearly love my Significant Spouse, her allergies, asthma and the resulting vitriolic hatred of anything resmbling tobacco smoke forces me to keep all of my humis and related its at the office.

Of course, this has a side-benefit of not needing to answer the inevitable raised-eyebrow when "yet another" package arrives from Club Czar!

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Very nice. But how were the cigars? :)

All fine - I will be reunited with them (and Cathy) tomorrow :party:

Even though Cathy doesn't smoke - She has bought me two 150q coolers and one 125 count wood humidor for gifts this year :P

Hardly ever says anything contrary about cigars (smoke/smell) because she understands the cigars have seniority - we have only been dating 5 years.

Don't need a fridge - She brings me drinks :king: - Nothing like a Latina gal who believes in (old) traditional behavior.

And yes she has a sister - However they are like day and night - I got the right one :D:D

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