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  1. Had a tough week as our son was teething, and hitting a growth spurt. Not fun for anyone. Saturday morning I split logs and cut up some fallen trees. Had a disagreement with the wife. Spent the afternoon with our dog while she took our son to a football tailgate (made up afterwards- it amazes me when women store up all of the mans transgressions and then dump it on him days/weeks later in a emotional tirade that makes no sense!) anyway, had some good pizza for dinner (after everything was back in harmony). Sunday we went to the country club for an oyster fest and then a neighborhood party. Had a Arturo Fuente Anjeo while researching trailer hitches and then caped the night off with TV. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The Lusis. Have some from 2009 and they haven't gotten better- in my opinion
  3. I have a tray in my cabinet humidor which has a bunch of Opus, Anjeos, davidoffs, some special release NCs and Cubans. I try to look into that tray every so often and smoke one in order to enjoy them. Cigars are meant to be smoked
  4. Went to college in Colorado. Then I graduated and moved to DC. Couldn't smoke what I smoked in college anymore and ran across a cigar store one day after work. Went in to see what it was all about and got hooked.
  5. Nrengle, I did most of my check out dives for my various PADI certainly at Dutch springs. What a coincidence!
  6. I got my certification back in the late 90's and dove quite a bit, but did so on my parents dime. Post college has seen a big decline in the frequency of diving esp since my wife isn't interested in it. However we usually vacation in the the tropics which allows me to get a few dives per trip. I have a fond memories of diving in the Virgin Islands and along the Keys in Florida. Did a bunch of dives off of Cozumel for a friends wedding. It was awesome, her family is full of serious divers.
  7. Who here is certified for Scuba? I'm certified with Padi. What trips have you been on and what places do you keep going back to?
  8. ******* Colorado has micro brews in every damn town.
  9. What local micro brews do you guys have? Having lived in Colorado and now Virginia, I'm blessed with a cornucopia of micro brews but would like to know what is local to you. My favorites are: CO: left hand, tommy knockers VA: three Notch'd, Blue Mountain, Devils Backbone, Hardywood
  10. I'm going to guess its Cigar Czar HQ. Did I win?
  11. I love concerts but I'm too tired to go to one because the headliners usually come on after I go to bed.
  12. Ranger, yellow Labrador retriever . He'll be 5yrs this summer. He has always been by my side since we got him. It's probably because my wife cannot even compete when it comes to who is more fun. Hence her nickname: No Fun Welles.
  13. I'm with polar bear. I love my singles drawer because its like cigar roulette every time I go into it. I have more NC's than CC's so mine was a Padron 26. I forgot which size.
  14. Well, I'm collecting the necessary documents, but don't know when i will actually move forward with getting my duel citizenship.
  15. By clubs are you referring to Coutry Clubs ( golf, tennis, pool, restaurant all on one piece or real estate which you take the family too?) or like a gym membership? Being from the States these are the "clubs" which I'm familure with.
  16. What about Irish Taxes? Thanks for the info BTW. This is rather insightful. Are you serious about the Guiness or are you just pulling my leg?
  17. Well, Cuba wasn't my main reason for getting dual citizenship. Come to think of it, it wasn't on my mind when I thought about getting dual citizenship. I dont have a good reason for getting dual citizenship other then i think it would be cool. Who knows, if/when i decide to get dual citizenship, then there might be other benefits that i find out about.

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