Hello from Maryland


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Hey All!

Some great BOTL's turned me onto this site sometime ago and I have been lurking under other names, mainly because I kept forgetting my login info LOL. I live in central MD (Gaithersburg), bout 20mins outside of DC. Got my degree from Univ. of Delaware

Anyways, smokin NC's for sometime now and frequent another forum here stateside (BS.net) My exp. with CC's has been limited to the generosity of some standup guys on that board and also by my funds as a college student.

But now I am no longer a college student and have money to spend! (the real world does have some of its perks :thumbsup:

As far as CC's go...I'm in love with the BRC, JL#1. RGPE, and Monte #2. As Xmas is rolling right around the corner, I continually keep adding things to my wishlist and hopefully will pull the trigger on a few things in the month(s) to come.

Seems like a great place!

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Welcome to FOH, good to have you here mate!

Rob has mentioned a few specials that might work for you and your Xmas needs.

Kick back, read, learn, get to know the members and allow them the opportunity to get to know you. Have fun and enjoy!


def saw those! and sure as hell have my eye on them! thanks for the welcome!

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