Did Someone Say Macallan?

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That'll lead to a ferocious headache...I downed a Laphroaig 10 one night and wasn't the same for a few days. Bravo, sir!

ah the repressed memories. was in turkey - bodrum - many years ago and before it became too trendy. travelling with a friend, had a fight for some long forgotten reason but with her, it wasn't difficult to find a reason. we'd knocked off a few bottles of wine and i decided that the hotel room might be just a bit too small for a few hours. grabbed a bottle of that very same ten year old and went down to the harbour and knocked that off too. last thing i remember is meeting some marines at a club. next thing i remember was about a day later. i was hugely unpopular. seems that there was some sort of kerfuffle around 4am, according to this friend, that woke her. started far end of town and and got closer and closer. eventually a large crowd of locals, carrying yours truly on their shoulders - i have absolutely no recollection of it so no idea why but she insists it was true (apparently i had won something) - knocked on the door. how i remembered where i was living i have no idea. she had them dump me in the shower and apparently simply turned the taps on every time i was not well. rarely been so ill in my life.

she had her revenge next day. i was still sick as a parrot and knowing i get sea-sick, she decided, in the middle of a storm, that we needed to go to greece on a small boat (it was called poseidon - i swear i am not making that up). i was green and ill for days. never touched laphroaig since.

and the really scary thing was when i woke up the next day, i had some poor bloke's passport in my pocket. to this day, i have absolutely no idea how it got there - perhaps that was what i won. tried to get it back to him via his embassy but no idea if he ever saw it again. not my finest moment.

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Ken's post reminds me of the time I tried to out drink the sushi chef at Shogun (basement of InterContenental London) - I lost and I swear he poisoned me with some sea urchin - haven't been able to stomach the stuff since.. At least I didn't get married :covermouth: Still ok with the sake. Cheers!

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