Some days you just get lucky............

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» most happy person at czars this morning by a mile, not moneybags ayala but

» minismithy who feels less guilty for selling the last box of number 1's. i

» did offer him $300 to sell this one to anyone - would have been worth it to

» see rob's face again - but he was too scared of rob.

I was just going to suggest that rob give it to minismithy for safe keeping :lol2:

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» »

» » Nice grab Rob - are you saying you also got 2-50?


» Remarkably we got the first 50 numbered boxes as part of our shipment.

» Someone likes us....or screwed up ;-)

I'm gonna lean towards the latter! Now what you do is ship as many of those out as you possibly can before Habanos calls with the, 'oppps... send back as many as you have left'

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» Xmas is coming, that would be one for Wilky, one for Ken and one for me,

» the other 7 would make a nice collectors set! :-D

tampa, you are a man of wisdom and based on that, infinite optimism. i have more chance of a date with elle macpherson than rob sharing out those boxes. and i think she has lost my number.

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