FOH Poker Tournament Commencing 1st of December

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Commencing Sunday (30th 8pm NY time/ 11am Monday Brisbane Time) is our FOH Texas Holdem Tournament.

The Prize will be a box of Montecristo Sublimes and Por larranaga Campana Regional Release.

The competiton will be played at the same time each day and run over 10 days. I will work out a tournament schedule once you have registered on this thread your intent to play. If you can only make the knockout rounds on any given day, please mention it on your post.

From the registrations (on this thread) I wll work out the round robin knock our comp. Final date for registration of the comp is Sunday the 23rd of November. I will post the scheduled knock out rounds on Tuesday the 25th of November.

Form that point the rules are:


****You need to have purchased a box off us since June 30th 2008

That should be just about everybody....and if not there is still time ****

1. Each registered player is to look at the tournament schedule and advise if they can make it. Let me give you a hint....make it. If you need to be moved to a dfifferent day e-mail me [email protected] and I will do my best to accomodate.

2. The times are unchangeable.

3. Each day of the tournament you are nominated for, there will be a post on the FOH Forum 30 minutes before start time where you will state you are ready to play. When all players slated to play are ready..YOU WILL THEN GO TO THE POKER ROOM at a post I will make.

ie...all to the POKER ROOM NOW.

The reason for this is that you have only 90 seconds to log in and register and find a seat once the first 5 are seated. On average we have 6 tournaments of 6 players. if only 4 turn up, I will register the game after a wait of 5 minutes and then sit out. This will ensure the game is started/ Late comers are eliminated once the tournament for that day starts.

4. Late arrivals will be ruled out. There are no second chances. Sorry Gentlemen, we are working with unsympathetic software.

5. This is a winner take all competition. The winner only from each of the preliminary rounds will make the final. You are to advise on the forum who has won your round.

6. I suggest you play a few hands before the competition starts.

7. It is up to you to make allowances for time differentials. We are working on NY time and Brisbane time. Go to World clock etc to ensure you know when the game will start and try to be on the forum 30 minutes prior.

8. I will advise all participants of who is in the final

9. I don't intend to lose :-D

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» First, thanks for running another tournament.


» In your post, I did not notice a buy in. Is there one?


» I'd like the Sunday table if at all possible.

You are right Colt. You need to have purchased a box off us since June 30th 2008.

That should be just about everybody....and if not there is still time ;-)

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count me in and Ken I'll do my best to avoid knocking you out of the tournament on the first hand :)

Rob, please do your best not to flop a set on my Kings this time.

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