Por Larranaga Robustos RE EMA OCT 07


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Hi Dave

Thanks for your honest review and nice pics too. It is annoying when you encounter burn issues. The going out on you thing reminds me of smoking a Monte EL Robusto but I think my problem then was over humidity.

It is an interesting one as you had dry boxed your cigars. I get the feeling that it is more common with younger smokes and time irons these bubbles out.

Still hope they turn the corner at some later point.


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One suggestion for a better burn would be to make sure that you "Purge" the cigar every so often. Purging helps several issues; the taste and the burn. It clears the cigar of stale smoke in the barrell of the cigar and even when smoking the cigar slowly, the purging helps keep the burning cone hot enough to help keep the burn correct. Hope this helps next time.


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Nice one Dave :clap:

Had a few of These Friday and have one in my hand now (which I let dry box over the weekend).

The PL Robusto is like a star 18 year old football player. Passages of brilliance interspersed with dumb plays.

I would have him in my roster as I believe the rough rdges will be rounded out before long.

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The ones i have are some of the tastest cigars i have ever smoked would say they are 91 or 4 1/2 smoke rings.

Med to full sweet fruit and tobacco flavor with a very long after taste outstanding..

Maybe will do a review this week .

Nice review hope the next one you smoke you enjoy more.

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I have a box of these with the same box code. I bought them back in February of this year and smoked my first one in July. I'd heard they needed aging but I wanted to see how they were. Interestingly, my experience was similar to yours. The cigar started off with tons of flavor -- wonderful! -- and then in the second half it got bitter, harsh, and even kinda soapy tasting. I didn't have the burn problems but the Jeckyl & Hyde flavor profile was definitely an issue. I have chalked the erratic performance up to youth and have great faith these will come around and be fantastic smokes. I probably won't touch them again until next summer at the earliest.

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Thanks for taking one for the team, Dave.

I agree with Chuck that with burn problems, or young cigars, an occasional purge can renew the burn and the flavor profile... for a while, at least.

It is well known that the Por Larranaga blend requires several years to mature and reveal its characteristic caramel profile. I'm taking my cue from the Petite Coronas, and waiting until the Robustos are four.

Unless, of course, you "scouts" discover otherwise. ;-)

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Por Larranaga Robustos RE EMA OCT 07

Denver, CO


Thanks for your patience. What a beautiful day in Denver; undoubtedly it will snow within 48 hours.

I received box 2210/6000 which had rested for about 6 months at 65 degrees/65% humidity. This cigar was dry boxed for 3 days at around 50% humidity. If anyone else has this same box number, let me know...;-)


My initial experience after arrival was sort of muted, befuddled flavors; an initial box split with a friend was returned to me (not his cup of tea). I put them away and trying one about one month ago resulted in an impression of "Not bad; can't really tell what they will be".

The PL robusto felt good with no soft or hard spots. The wrapper was colorado with some veins but no obvious defects. These initially had quite an ammonia smell but this has disappeared completely.


I serrated the cap and peeled it with my fingernail to reveal the binder; I had never done this before!


The fill seemed perfect but the draw was on the loose side.



The cold taste was sweet tea and spice. The cigar took to flame easily and the initial burn was crisp. The opening flavors were wonderful with sweet tobacco, spice cake and cinnamon. I love it when a cigar comes out swinging. The first third featured ample smoke, a creamy mouthfeel and pure toasted tobacco flavor. I took care to draw slowly so as not to overheat the cigar.


WTF?? What happened? All of a sudden the burn turned funky; have you ever had a cigar start to implode and smolder and threaten to go out? Every puff turned acrid and bitter for about 5 minutes. There was a definite canoe burn effect. There was no wind so I really can't explain it.

After getting through the weird burn and off-putting flavors, the cigar returned to form in the second third with less tannic tastes and more dark sweet carmel. I really enjoyed this phase for about 10 minutes, but alas the bitter flavors returned.


I had to let it go with 2 inches to go due to overwhelming bitterness. I think I got a glimpse into the soul of this cigar, but I would not call it ready just yet. I have read some other enthusiastic reviews at this time in their development, but I have to say mine are going down for a long, long nap.

Score 83-85 now ?90+ in a year, maybe 2?


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