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  1. I think Cardinals playing at home over the 49ers is pretty certain at this point (and I'm a 49ers fan!).
  2. Very interesting stuff! I always assumed plume exists but now not so sure. It'll be very interesting if it can be found.
  3. I just watched an obscure British horror film from 1945 called "Dead of Night." I'd recorded it off TCM back around Halloween but just got around to watching it. I wasn't expecting much since I didn't know anything about the film, but it was very well done pretty darn creepy! And a bit ahead of it's time, I'd say (you could say it might have inspired the classic EC Horror Comics of the 1950s and even The Twilight Zone TV show). While certainly tame by today's horror fare, if you enjoy old horror films (especially British horror films) then this really is a must see.
  4. I probably don't smoke enough CC's these days to speak with much authority on the topic, but my experience over the 20+ years I've been enjoying Cuban cigars is that SLR Regios smoke better fresh than aged. :-)
  5. Cool story! So I'm a little out of touch with what's going on with Hamlet. I know he left Cuba and had partnered with Rocky Patel to make cigars. Is there a Hamlet cigar out there now that's for sale? I know I can Google it, but just wondering if anybody has tried it and how it is?
  6. He's an exciting player to watch! I think he can definitely contribute to the 49ers this year. Fun story!
  7. We shall see! They looked OK tonight. I know, it's just one game, but I had money on Minnesota to take this one easily. I know the Vikings aren't Seattle or Arizona (or even the Rams) but many experts have said they will be a breakout team this year. Either way, the Niners do not appear to be as bad as many were expecting.
  8. The 49ers play tonight and I have no idea what to expect. It's like we have almost an entirely new team. I don't expect them to be great, but whether they are decent or a complete train wreck this season, I have no idea. Oh, and I called the Buffalo win over Indy and the Rams over Seattle. I think the Rams may be one of the most underrated teams in the NFL going into this season. And Indy will be OK but a dome team playing in Buffalo on the first game of the season is never a good bet, I don't care how good they are.
  9. I'm in! If I can ever finish better than middle of the pack in this thing, it'd be quite an accomplishment.
  10. This for sure. It's pretty much what I do in Vegas these days (though I don't get there too often anymore).
  11. I guess with the Redback and Funnel Web spiders around, all you Aussies don't flinch when you come across a giant Hunstman spider. Right? I mean, the Huntsman is huge and scary but harmless (although I might jump out a window or something if I came across a Huntsman so maybe not completely harmless).
  12. Definitely! Rocky may have a secret weapon in his arsenal now. I haven't smoked a Rocky Patel cigar in many years but I look forward to seeing what they end up doing. And best of luck to Hamlet on this new phase of his life!
  13. Weak NFC West? Are you kidding? The Cardinals had a great year in 2014 and that team was devastated by injuries all season at key positions (QB, RB, Defense). Watch out for them. And the 49ers can't be written off (yet). And the Rams were definitely an up-and-coming team last year. If they can get a QB they will be tough. NFC West is still one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.

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