A smoke to deal with a lay off?

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I just got the word that my job has been eliminated -- I worked in the financial industry (an once large asset manager) and things are pretty rough in the biz right now. They cut a third of staff this round.

So, to deal drown my sorrows, I'm thinking of smoking my last Trini Robusto Extra with a glass a Laguvulin this afternoon, then maybe break out a '98 ERDM Taino for this evening.

What would be your choice for a lay-off smoke?


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Sorry to hear this, Brian. I was out of work for nearly 2 years right after 9/11/01 (I quit, but it still hurt). Keep your chin up, and don't lose hope. It'll happen for you . . . guaranteed.

Anyway, to answer your question, if we're talking about cigars I actually own, then I would probably smoke one of the few Montecristo A's I have sitting in the humi.

And I would pair it with some Johnny Walker Blue Label.

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Whatever you do, don't just have a glass... you've a perfect excuse for an all night bender with plenty of friends, so have at it! Carpe Diem, Sieze the day! Eat and drink now for tomorrow.... you die. You only live once (if you're lucky) Come Monday, you can go searching. Have Fun!

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Thanks for the good wishes and cigar suggestions.

Luckily, I'm one of those folks who "saved for a rainy day," so I'm probably better off than many in my situation. Hope the economic turmoil slows down and turns soon for everyone's sake. As the aphorism says -- there is always opportunity in crises.

On the cigar suggestions, I don't have any Boliar CGs in my humi, but it seems to be a favorite for some, so I'll try one soon.

The '98 ERDM Taino I smoked last night was excellent -- and the Halloween festivities in the neighborhood helped the mood greatly. I forgot how much I like these churchills -- a little milder than usually go for, but the flavors were great. If you can find these anywhere with a little age on them (do they even still make them?), I recommend you give them a try.


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